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Home and Away Lyrik motive ‘exposed’ – Theo exit twist, huge returns and fan backlash


Lyrik, the new band for Home and Away, has caused quite a stir in Summer Bay, but fans fear that Theo Poulos’ potential departure could be hinted at by his signing on as their new musician.

Fans of the Australian serial opera Home and Away are confident they are aware of a few facts about the band Lyrik.

Recently, a four-piece band with ties to Felicity was revealed to audiences, and while some fans are pleading for the release of complete songs of their music, others aren’t so enthusiastic about the newest newcomers to Summer Bay.

Others might not be aware that while some of Lyrik’s songs are pre-recorded by the performers, some of it is genuinely sung live on the show.


Adam Rowland, who plays Remi Carter, said on Yahoo! Lifestyle: “We do a mixture of both [pre-recorded and live]. Every song we perform, our team—who oversees all the music—helps us learn. We may also use playback depending on the shot and the subject matter we are attempting to capture.

“At other times, particularly when I have the guitar, I’ll just play the track, which is amazing.”

To find the correct “feel,” each actor auditioned for every part in the band, switching between each character during the initial casting phase.

We’ve looked into it, but what may their real reason be for being in Summer Bay.


Exit twist for Theo

After actor Matt Evans hinted at a major shift to Hollywood, some fans are persuaded that the band’s entrance might herald a major exit twist for Theo Poulos.

As Bob departs, Theo joins the group and impresses everyone at the audition.

Actor Matt, who was formerly a competitor on The Voice, finds performing to be quite easy.


One fan who took to Twitter to share their views wrote: “I’ve noticed that they put in characters, like the band, to allow other characters, like Theo, a route to go.

Don’t think of Lyrik as being permanent; they serve a role, and when they depart, I predict that they’ll take someone else with them.

after Matt hinted at leaving to pursue a career in Hollywood, he told TV WEEK: “Obviously I have ambitions when it comes to moving to the US and giving the States a try and seeing what I can achieve over there.

“That was always [the plan] since I have a terrific agent and everything is lined up there; otherwise, I feel like I would be thinking, “What if?’

On Home and Away, I still feel at ease and at home. My fear about leaving the workplace and being on my own is already starting to grow, and I’m already asking myself, “What if I never work again? He added, “”

Fans won’t have to say goodbye to Theo anytime soon, though, as Matt said he’s content in Australia “for the next few years.”


Return of Phoebe

Others are persuaded that Lyrik’s presence could indicate the reappearance of other characters, such as Phoebe Nicholson, who is portrayed by Isabella Giovinazzo.

One astute viewer pleaded with the writers to completely ignore the newbies and instead concentrate their plots on characters who had already been before, writing: “Bring back Tori and Christian, Brody, Phoebe, and a comeback for Emma Jackson! Irene’s children must come over! ”

The user continued, “No one likes Axe Lyrik, Rose, Xander, Cash, and Felicity!”

drafted out

While some viewers adore the musical interludes added to the Australian soap opera, others are more offended by Lyrik’s presence and want them to be removed.

One enraged viewer tweeted through their rage, saying: “Please write Lyrik out as soon as possible so they depart for the season finale! The plot is terrible.

“For once, pay attention to fan feedback on social media and give us what we want! #HomeAndAway.”

Then someone else responded, “Lyrik are terrible (from a UK viewer)!”

A third echoed, “See, even UK viewers aren’t happy about this narrative. Please listen to the fans!”

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