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Home and Away’s Ethan Browne shares reunion with Parata co-stars


After sharing three pictures of himself catching up with his old co-stars, actor Ethan Browne revealed that the Parata family from Home and Away have reunited off screen.

Tane Parata’s actor, Browne, posted on Instagram about his “rare sighting” with Rob Kipa-Williams, who played Tane’s brother Ari, and Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who played Tane’s nephew Nikau.

“Kia ora brothers” is the caption Browne wrote for three photos she shared of the former co-stars holding hands while sipping drinks. “Kia ora” is a greeting from the Māori language.

In reference to the passing of his soap opera character Ari, Kipa-Williams made a lighthearted remark on the post “Parata boys in da house.. ghosts are real……..”


Fans of Home and Away expressed equal delight at the reunion of the Parata family, with one remarking, “Ah, I miss seeing the Parata family together!” an additional piece titled “The reunion we all needed”

Meanwhile, one of Browne’s fans thought of a fresh concept for a television programme that would bring the Paratas back together on screen. They said, “We need a spin-off showing the early days of the brothers before they came to the bay.” Would you please?”

After a fight with an uncommon kind of cancer, Ari Parata passed away in 2022, leaving Tane as the only surviving member of the Parata family in Summer Bay.

After that, in 2023, Nikau left with a happier ending after reuniting with his ex-girlfriend Bella and moving to New York together.


Meanwhile, Tane is having additional problems in the Bay as he struggles with his emotions towards his separated wife Felicity Newman after she made up her desire to have a family.

Fans in Australia have also witnessed Tane get involved with a baby that he finds abandoned on the beach, and his worry for the young girl grows as a result of his commitment to her.

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