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Home and Away kicks off Theo Poulos’ dark new storyline in 24 spoiler pictures


Thursday, April 4: Mali and Rose have had a difficult few days, both at home and away from Mali HudsonChannel Five
While Rose has been handling more responsibilities at work after getting promoted, Mali has been preoccupied with his surf training and taking care of Mac’s issues.

Thursday, April 4: Both Felicity Newman and Mali Hudson have had a busy few weeks, both at home and away.Channel Five
After Tane rejected her once more, she recently made the decision to move on.

Thursday, April 4: Felicity and Mali had fun together.
Mali Hudson and felicity Newman at home and awayChannel Five
Everything is going great this evening.

Arriving on Home and Away, Valerie Beaumont, a newbie, offers Theo Poulos a pill, tempting him to take a dark new turn.


A big event is happening at Salt, and relationships in the Bay are the focus of attention elsewhere.

Thursday, April 4: Theo is providing entertainment at a major event at Salt.

April 4th, Thursday: Kirby joins Theo
With Remi and Eden still sidelined, they perform as a pair.

April 4, Thursday: Theo addresses the attendees
He is eager to entertain everyone with a fantastic display.


Thursday, April 4: Xander is hosting a special event called “Moonlight at Salt,” which includes the gig.

Thursday, April 4: All by itself in Mali
It has been difficult for him and Rose to find time for one another.

Felicity steps in to keep Mali company on Thursday, April 4.
Mali is appreciative of his friend’s assistance.

April 4th, Thursday: Rose appears
Mali gives her a hug.


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