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Neighbours spoiler: JJ makes a decision over Felix


JJ finds it difficult to determine whether to reveal Felix’s secret about his intended heist. When Cara and Remi arrange a family gathering to discuss honesty—or JJ’s recent lack thereof—his decision becomes even more challenging.

In the end, he agrees to preserve Felix’s secret and declares that Cara and Remi are hypocrites.

In the meantime, in an attempt to liven up his marriage, Andrew asks his former escort, Byron, for advise on what women desire. Even though it’s awkward, Byron agrees and shares some insightful words of wisdom.

Wendy finds the counsel to be very helpful, but Andrew is taken aback when he finds Sadie and Byron together during a heated and intense time of their own.


Chelsea is upset to see that Krista is once more the recipient of Paul’s admiration in another scene. She has been given increasingly senior responsibilities, such as firing Penny, an untrustworthy employee.

When she wonders whether Paul’s kind actions are for Leo’s advantage, Leo reassures her that it is because she has merited respect and adoration.

Chelsea is displeased with Paul’s endorsement of Krista, so she decides to sabotage Krista’s performance by destroying a crucial file for a forthcoming Zoom presentation regarding the Lassiters Lie-in.

When Krista discovers the file is faulty and that she has no backup, she becomes anxious. Fortunately, Haz comes to her aid by showcasing some previously undiscovered computing prowess, restoring Krista’s file and inadvertently foiling Chelsea’s scheme.


Chelsea steps it up, desperate, talking Krista into fixing a sauna maintenance problem and stepping in to rescue the day when Krista doesn’t show up for the scheduled Zoom presentation.

Krista finds herself in a difficult situation in the sauna when the door to the room locks and the sauna door becomes jammed open, letting the heat seep into the space. The severe heat and humidity soon overcome her, causing her to fall.

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