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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin encourages Theo to cheat!


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Justin gives Theo a bit too much assistance with his most recent task, and Nikau’s choice to move to New York is hampered by a new admirer.

After taking a three-month job placement in New York, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), Bella’s girlfriend (Courtney Miller), is still moping around in heartbreak.

Although Bella requested Nik to accompany her, he realised that he was already precisely where he wanted to be because he had just begun his dream job as a paid lifeguard at Summer Bay Surf Club.

Even though he granted Bella permission to continue without him—after all, it was only for three months—he hasn’t stopped questioning his choice since.


Being surrounded by two happily married couples at home—Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Ethan Browne) and Chloe (Sam Barrett)—hasn’t made things any easier for him (Jacqui Purvis).

Nik is thrilled for Tane and Flick when they tell him this week that she will be moving in permanently, but finds it hard to express it. All the joy in the house serves as a constant reminder of what he is missing.

Later, when Tane discovers Nik checking for flights to New York, Tane surprises Nik by endorsing the plan. Nik worries that he would disregard his duties at work and in Summer Bay, but he can’t take the distance any longer.

Tane explains to Nik that he put a lot of effort into getting this lifeguard position and shouldn’t just abandon it without giving it some thought; instead, he should do what finally feels right to him.


A radio call informs Nik that there is a swimmer in trouble on the beach as he is about to tell Bella about his intention to move to New York.

After hanging up, Nik dashes to the beach to inform volunteer lifesavers Mitch (Matt Gambold) and the others about the situation (all of whom are part of the real-life surf lifesaving team at North Palm Beach surf club).

Naomi (Jamaica Vaughan), the sister of the missing swimmer, is reassured by John (Shane Withington) as the inflatable rescue boat is lowered into the ocean. Naomi reveals that her sister Goldie vanished after being thrown overboard by a wave.

When Nik and Mitch are struggling to locate Goldie, a woman’s head appears out of the water and screams for assistance before submerging once more.


Nik jumps in after the two sprint over, but it takes a while before they find Goldie, who is already unconscious.

return to the beach Naomi watches in tears as Nik and John begin CPR. To everyone’s relief, Goldie eventually turns around after a close call.

John commends Nik for such a cool-headed rescue since without him, Goldie wouldn’t have survived. Nik ponders whether he can really leave everything behind for New York.

The following day, Naomi returns to the surf club and thanks Nik by inviting him out to lunch. However, John steps in and accepts on Nik’s behalf when he respectfully declines. Nik looks at John with a dagger in his eye.

John tells that Naomi is likely seeking closure because she was blaming herself for her sister’s previous close call with drowning.

John reassures Nik to calm down and think of it as part of his duties when he expresses concern that it might be perceived as a date.


Surprisingly, Nik enjoys himself at lunch as he discusses his lifesaving vs. New York conflict with Naomi.

Naomi tells him how grateful she is that he was there to save her sister’s life, pointing out that Bella and John undoubtedly want the best for him and understanding why the choice is so difficult. He is once more reminded of the significance of his duty as a lifeguard.

After they part ways, Nik is certain that he has reached his conclusion.

Will he go to New York with Bella?

Theo is sinking in procrastination and on the verge of giving up before Justin steps in to save him.

Together, they sit down to complete the homework, but since Justin’s time, things have changed. When did TAFE homework become so challenging?

Theo finds it difficult to continue past the first sentences as time passes. To make matters worse, Justin is on his tail, and his mentor is constantly coming up with ideas for the essay’s subject matter.

After a while, impatient with Theo’s inefficiency and the approaching deadline, Justin offers to write down “the fundamentals” by himself first, claiming it will only take two minutes.

Theo reluctantly hands Justin, who is beaming, his laptop.

But what Justin comes up with is far more than simply a simple framework for Theo to build from. After some time has passed, Justin gives Theo a completed, error-free assignment.

Theo is less than convinced by Justin’s assurances that the essay will earn him high grades; does Justin really want him to submit something that he didn’t write?

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