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Home and Away icon left cringing after looking back at resurfaced TV debut


Thirty years after making her TV debut, Home and Away great Ada Nicodemou was left red-faced.

After getting married to James Stewart’s Justin Morgan, 46-year-old Nicodemou is currently engrossed in a major plot as her character Leah Patterson. As a mainstay of the program, Leah has grown to be one of the most enduring characters on the Australian soap opera, which airs on Channel 5 in the UK.

In 2000, Ada began working in Summer Bay, initially on a six-month contract. The actress had a very successful career before landing the popular soap opera, however many people might not be aware of this.

When she was cast in the first season of Heartbreak High, in 1994, she got her big break. Although a great fan favorite, her character Katerina Ioannou was notorious for causing problems for the other characters on the show.


Ada has now reflected on her 1994 debut appearance on the program. She could be seen squirming and removing herself from the laptop in the video that she uploaded to her TikTok account, expressing her regret at her past self.

Katerina was shown dancing with Salvatore Coco’s character, Con, in the brief clip from the show. Katerina tries to twerk and win Con over while they dance passionately, but she doesn’t succeed despite her best efforts to thrust her hips.

Ada winced and yelled, “Oh my God!” as she rewatched the clip. She continued: “The director who filmed this has actually apologised for this opening shot.”

She cried out in desperation as she saw the awful dance moves: “It’s so bad! Why am I dancing like this? Katerina was new to the show; perhaps, she improved a little.”


A few of Ada’s countless admirers hurried over to the comments area to share their thoughts on the absurdly funny video. Ada received a lot of acclaim for her ability to see the film again and provide their own thoughts on the peculiar scene.

In reaction to the video, one fan in particular wrote: “Haha, look at Coco’s expression! I recall that as the “Heartbreak High.”

It follows the revelation that Ada is in a real-life relationship with James Stewart, and that Leah and Justin’s blossoming affair has apparently expanded off-set as well. Following her confirmation earlier this month that she had split up with her ex-boyfriend Adam Rigby, the duo made their relationship public.

Sarah Roberts, Stewart’s ex-wife, also stated unequivocally that the couple was officially no longer together after their divorce was expedited back in March. Since then, the pair has been taking things slowly while they continue to improve both separately and together.


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