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Home and Away spoiler: Theo is pulled over by the police


When it becomes obvious that Theo is not going to be successful in his bluff, he makes a commitment to pay Justin back. He’s worried about him, but it’s not about the money, Justin assures him. Drugs nearly destroyed the lives of both him and Theo’s father, so he’s not about to allow his nephew to do the same. Valerie must leave, he warns.

Theo cries out in protest right away, but Justin doesn’t back down. Theo needs to break the awful news to Valerie when she returns. Refusing to negotiate, he orders her to throw away the tablets and gets back on stage to play the band’s next song.

Trembling, Valerie tries to discard the tablets, but then reconsiders. In order to retrieve them later, she searches the area for a place to hide them. She looks at the guitar cases Lyrik has on. She opens one of them quickly, tosses in the bag, and snaps the lid closed.

The next morning, things are tense. Kirby has called the band together and told Eden and Remi about his situation, against Theo’s desires. They must take the van and get all of the equipment since Lyrik had left it at the location the previous evening. Remi gives up to go hang out with Stevie, but Theo isn’t getting away with it too lightly from the bunch.


On the trip back, they argue nonstop. They drive by a police vehicle driven by Rose that has a speed meter. All she wants to do is alert them to the fact that their brake light is out, but Theo gets scared and accelerates. When he does eventually pull over, Rose feels compelled to inspect the van because of his suspicious behavior. She breaks open one of the guitar cases in the course of her search, and her gaze instantly focuses on the pill bag. How is Lyrik going to escape this one?

Tane is holding baby Maia close at an unidentified place, and they both seem fine. Tane actually appears to be enjoying holding and singing to her. But when he lulls her to sleep, he looks straight ahead because he knows he’s made a grave mistake. How is he going to return home?

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