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Home and Away’s Heath Braxton is back and reveals a completely new storyline for the season

He’s back here—briefly.

From Australian series, Home and Away spoilers follow, which some UK readers can choose to avoid.

The return from Heath Braxton on Australia screens on the rescue for the Parata family was aired by Home and Away on Wednesday (3 February).

The iconic role of Heath was reprised by Dan Ewing for a one-off cameo, four years after his last show performance.

The Paratas have been at the hands of gangsters Paul and Leon in recent weeks, who have been terrorising Tane (Ethan Browne) over a debt.

Though Tane, his older brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Ari’s girlfriend Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) had already taken measures to repay the villains, by committing illegal action, they kept telling the Paratas to work off the debt.

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) interfered in Wednesday’s episode on Channel 7 in the hope of helping out his old friend Ari.

The Paratas were supposed to carry out an armed robbery, but there were some unexpected guests when they met with Paul to get the job under way.

A fired-up Heath made a reappearance under direction from Dean and was backed up by his fellow River Boys.

Heath made it plain to Paul that he was going to do a job on the River Boys turf, but as a punishment, things soon turned brutal.

Heath and his boys pushed Paul into a truck to show him a lesson on a rival gang’s patch to commit crimes.

Dean, Ari and Tane all returned to Summer Bay safely later on, assured that Heath had matters in hand.

Dean disclosed that Heath will advise Paul about again troubling the Paratas, which means that Tane’s debt is finally resolved.

In August last year, Home and Away filmed Heath’s return episode. The arrangements for him were little understood at the time, but show bosses later announced that he was just returning for this brief cameo.

This month, producer Lucy Addario told TV Week, “He’s just back in a cameo. So we were pleased to have him.”

Later this month, Home and Away viewers in the UK can see these scenes on Channel 5.

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