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Home and Away – has Willow Harris’s exit will be for good?

In the United Kingdom, the iconic character makes his final appearance.

This week, Willow Harris Home and Away is on UK screens to say goodbye to Summer Bay.

On Tuesday (May 11), which is repeated on Channel 5 on Thursday (Wednesday), the Willow went to Queensland to look at her ex-friend Alex Neilson. In the hope of sorting out things (Zoe Ventoura).

Here’s a brief rundown of what we know so far about Willow’s departure – and what’s to come.

Is Willow Harris really gone?

Willow had already taken a break from Summer Bay in recent months, but it wasn’t a permanent break. She is, however, leaving the show permanently this time.

Sarah Roberts, who played Willow on Home and Away, revealed her departure from the show in late March, after playing the character since 2017. Sarah announced that she had finished shooting and was auditioning for new roles in an interview with Australia’s Courier Mail newspaper.

Though Willow’s time in Summer Bay has come to an end, she hasn’t been killed off, so she might return in the future.

Sarah recently told Now To Love, I’d love to come back.

I’m more focused on going forwards and working on more exciting projects and characters right now, but I had a great time on Home and Away and would return in a heartbeat.

Why has Willow Harris left?

Although no explanation has been given for Willow’s exit, Home and Away viewers are aware that the show’s younger cast members typically stay for three to four years before moving on, maintaining a consistent rotation of characters.

At the time of the Witness X reveal, Sarah Roberts had been on the show for three years, prompting Willow to leave the Bay for a while. Willow returned to tie up some loose ends, including reconciling with Bella Nixon and assisting Dean Thompson in reuniting with his son Jai Simmons.

Sarah said that leaving Home and Away came at a good time in an interview with TV Week last month.

She went on to say, I can now focus on myself both at work and outside of work. It’ll be good to spend some time working on myself.

I have to step back, relax and breathe deeply. I want to meditate, work out, and enjoy life with my family.

Sarah also praised the decision to have Willow pursue a reconciliation with Alex in her final storyline, telling Entertainment Weekly, “It’s a lovely way to quit the show.” Zoe and I have a great friendship and still keep in touch, which is cool.

What’s next for Willow’s friends on Home and Away?

Though Willow has left the Bay, her closest friends are still in for a lot of drama.

Even though Willow went to great lengths to figure out Dean’s personal life before she left, it’s all about to fall apart when he tells his girlfriend Amber that he’s really in love with his ex, Ziggy, in future episodes. As a result of this, Amber and Jai decide to leave Summer Bay on their own.

Bella’s next major plotline will centre on her friendship with Nikau, which will be jeopardised as Nikau begins modelling.

Jasmine, who was unavailable for Willow’s exit scene due to work obligations, faces a difficult time ahead when she learns the terrible truth about her new boyfriend Lewis Hayes in dramatic scenes next week.

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