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Home and Away fans are divided over Levi and Eden’s fight: ‘Spoilt brat’


When it was revealed that Eden Fowler’s brother Levi had been having an affair with Mackenzie Booth, viewers of Home and Away were divided on her dummy spit.

Before Levi (Tristan Fowler) arrived in Summer Bay to save Mac’s life from a cardiac ailment, he and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) had been alienated from one another for a considerable amount of time. Let’s just say that despite Levi having a wife (Imogen) back home, sparks flared and the two ended up having a passionate affair.

The siblings suffered a severe blow when Eden surprised Levi with a kiss just as they were beginning to mend fences and get back on good terms after siding with other parents when their father had an affair with their mother. Mac, resulting in a major confrontation.

Let’s just say that when Eden realised her brother had probably stayed in the Bay for so long to have his affair rather than to get to know her, well, s**t hit the fan.


“It was all about her wasn’t it?” Eden enquired of her brother. “You were never in the Bay to see me, sleeping with her was more important wasn’t it?”

Eden rushed out as Levi yelled, “Eden, I’m in love with her,” despite Levi’s attempts to explain that it wasn’t like that.

Supporters of both teams respond to Eden’s outburst
Viewers were divided on whether Eden had the right to lash out at Levi in that way, so they flocked to Instagram comments to discuss the incident.

“I regret to inform you that Eden is a spoilt brat! “Everything about her irritates me,” someone remarked, and another concurred. “It’s all about Eden as usual!”


Others agreed with Levi, saying he didn’t require his sister to get involved in his personal affairs. “She is excessively demanding. One guy remarked, “I agree with Levi; life is not black and white.

“This response would lead one to believe that Eden was the one he cheated on. I understand that neither he nor Mac are acting morally, but life isn’t always clear-cut, and sometimes what you believe to be morally good may not be appropriate for you individually,” someone else said. “Are you doing this for other people? or for oneself? One will provide joy to others, while the other will make you miserable, which will bring them misery as well. Life is challenging.”

Others quickly brought out the fact that, despite Eden’s exaggerated response, Levi is still at fault for having an extramarital affair.

Someone said, “He’s married!” “He’s the one in the wrong!”


Another said, “I hope Eden tells Imogen and doesn’t agree to say nothing.” “He repeatedly told her falsehoods regarding his visitation. She’s obviously upset because he misled her so frequently, as someone else noted.

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