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Neighbours stars who were in Home And Away as Toadie actor ‘could consider’ soap move


Since the final episode of the series last month, fans of the soap opera Neighbours have been pleading with the actors to appear on other programmes.

Alan Fletcher, who plays Dr. Karl Kennedy, was recently invited to join EastEnders by fans when he was sighted on set at the Old Vic’s bar.

Ryan Maloney, who plays Toadie, might consider a role in Home And Away, another Australian soap opera, according to a source who spoke to Woman’s Day. The source said: “He’s made more than enough during his time playing Toadie, but he loves working, and if a role came up on Home and Away, he’d absolutely consider it.”

Ryan Maloney would not be the first Neighbours alum to make an appearance in Home And Away, despite the fact that he has not publicly stated whether or not he would accept a role in the soap opera.


The Daily Star examines the Neighbours actors who also appeared in Home And Away in this article.

Rebekah Elmaloglou

Fans of the soap operas remember Rebekah Elmaloglou best as Terese Willis, the proprietor of the Lassisters Hotel in Neighbours.

After joining the series in 2013, she quickly won over fans. She later wed resident villain Paul Robinson, with whom she later separated, and the two later reconciled in the last scene of Neighbours.

She did, however, portray the role of adolescent Sophie Simpson on Home And Away more than 23 years before to her Neighbours début.


The actor starred in the soap opera from 1990 to 1993, and his character later became one of the show’s first adolescent parents.

Prior to getting her recurring role on Neighbours, she spent some time between 2002 and 2005 returning to Summer Bay.

Rebekah also claimed to Inside Soap that Home And Away actor Ray Meagher had contacted her in a thoughtful act from her former cast friends ahead of the final episode of Neighbours.

She uttered: “Ray Meagher called to check on me. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, but he had my number from my brother, a Home and Away staff member.


“He expressed his regret to me, conveyed his love to everyone on Neighbours, and said that the cast of Home and Away was concerned about us and wanted to show their support. They appeared to be pretty surprised by the news, in my opinion.”

Terence Donovan

Jason Donovan may have achieved stardom on Neighbours in 1986, but his father Terrance, who debuted on the show as Doug Willis in 1990, came in second.

He did, however, make a cameo in the same year’s Home And Away as Rebekah Elmaloglou’s on-screen father Al Simpson.

Before leaving Home And Away to join Neighbours the following year, he sought to blame Donald Fisher for a murder he had committed while living in Summer Bay.

He played Doug for 26 years until 2016 and also starred in the 2015 spin-off series Neighbours: Hey Piper, making his time on Neighbours far longer than that of his son Jason.

Later, Terence’s character passed away in front of Lassiter’s Hotel, and the actor acknowledged he wasn’t pleased with how it was written.


He added in his speech at the time: “Look, from the perspective of ending the series, it’s not how I would have preferred to handle it.

But it was done differently by the producers, and it is their story and show.

Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce, the love interest on Neighbours, famously got his start in television by playing Mike Young from 1986 to 1989, before going on to become the well-known Hollywood celebrity we all know today.

But he also appeared for six weeks in Home And Away in 1991 as David Croft, Sophie’s love interest played by Rebekah Elmaloglou.

The on-screen pair had an affair, which ultimately resulted in Sophie getting pregnant. David passed away in a vehicle accident before he could witness the birth of his daughter Tamara, though.

Later, he appeared in successful Hollywood movies including L.A. Confidential, Mary Queen of Scots, and Iron Man 3, but Guy recently returned to Neighbours for the show’s final episodes.

“I’m an enormously nostalgic person normally, so I’ve always wanted to step back onto the show at some point,” he said in a statement before to his appearance. “Of course, with the sad news that the show is terminating, it seemed like the proper time.”

Added him: “I’ve had other opportunities to audition for jobs and receive them, of course, but I’ll never forget this.

As we all know, the show really took off and became huge, so I always consider myself quite lucky to have been cast at that time.

Ashleigh Brewer

After playing the long-lost kid Kate Ramsay in Neighbours, Ashleigh Brewer made an unexpected appearance in Erinsborough.

Kate, the oldest of her siblings, fell in love with investigator Mark Brennan, but she was devastated when it was discovered that he had been missing for some time.

It appeared that Kate had finally found her happily ever after when Mark unexpectedly made a surprise comeback, but it was not to be.

Kate was brutally murdered by one of her father’s competitors in a shooting moments after Mark proposed to her in retaliation for being wronged by Paul Robinson in the past.

Ashleigh joined Home And Away as police detective Chelsea Campbell in 2018, four years after leaving Neighbours.

She later fell in love with Colby Thorne, but like the character in Neighbours, it was not meant to be after her new husband admitted to killing his father, which resulted in Chelsea permanently leaving Summer Bay.

Prior to her time on Home And Away, Ashleigh said to Now To Love that she and her former Neighbours co-star Margot Robbie are good pals “She’s been my staunchest ally from the start. I have the utmost regard for her views and recommendations.

Being able to rely on her is incredibly empowering.

Harley Bonner

Josh, who Harley Bonner portrayed from 2013 to 2016, joined the Willis family on Ramsay Street.

Although his mother, Carla Bonner, who portrayed Steph Scully on Neighbours, wasn’t the first Bonner to appear on the soap opera, he was the first.

His stint on the soap opera, however, came to a dramatic end when he perished in a hotel explosion.

However, Harley reappeared in Summer Bay as Logan Bennett in 2021, five years later.

For more than a year, he played the trauma physician Logan, who developed a romantic interest for Mackenzie Booth.

But when the actor left the soap opera in 2022, fans were startled, as Harley noted on his Instagram page: “I’m grateful and love you all, and I’m overjoyed. Life is good. Keep being kind to people.”

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