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Home and Away confirms fostering twist in Tane’s baby storyline


Tane Parata’s baby plotline has a major twist that Home and Away has announced.

According to Australia’s TV Week, Tane’s pals are worried because he won’t leave the newborn’s side at the hospital and won’t even eat or sleep unless a doctor is there in the room. Tane earlier found a baby who had been left at the beach in a bag.

In addition, he has given the infant the Māori name for bravery, Maia.

When Mali and Mackenzie ask him what he’s aiming to accomplish, Tane says he intends to apply to be the baby’s primary carer if the parents choose not to come forward. Mackenzie fears he’s just looking to make up for the gap left by his failed marriage to Felicity.


Tane’s ambitions come to an abrupt end when he discovers that he must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident in order to foster, but he remains unfazed by his friends’ and Dr. Bree’s advice to not take on the role of carer.

After learning about Tane’s predicament, Felicity offers to assist, however it’s unclear what her true motivation is for doing so.

Tane’s actor, Ethan Browne, stated to the magazine that the character “is trying his hardest to move on and concentrate on life after the split.”

“Although he’s still figuring things out, he’s doing great and things seem to be going well for him.


“He wants to ensure that this baby has the best possible home and care.” Since he found her, he can’t help but feel accountable for her.”

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