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Home And Away: Is Christian and Tori’s wedding will be called off?


They were supposed to be getting ready for their wedding. Tori, on the other hand, is heartbroken when Dr. Christian chooses to treat a patient over their wedding day.

What’s new with you, doc?

Christian (Ditch Davey) has become an adrenaline junkie in recent weeks, embracing risky pursuits after a near-death encounter.

Christian (Ditch Davey) is on his way to pick up his wedding suit when he makes the rash decision to go skydiving in this week’s episodes of Home And Away.


“Christian is enjoying life in the moment,” Ditch, 48, tells TV WEEK. “He believes seeing the skydiving sign is a’sign.'”

“He figures he saw it for a reason, so he trusts his instincts – and his newfound spirit of adventure!”

When he sees a jumper, Rachel (Marny Kennedy), crash-land in front of him, he gets more than he bargained for.

Christian goes into medical mode and discovers Rachel has a potential spinal injury, so she’s transported to the hospital. “Christian believes this is the sign he’s been seeking for when he’s at the right location at the right moment to save Rachel,” Ditch adds.


“His life’s goal is to serve people, and he’s there to help her right now.”

Meanwhile, Tori (Penny McNamee) receives a call from the suit rental company informing her that her fiancé has not picked up his suit.

She’s worried about Christian’s disappearance and wonders where he could be.

Christian and nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost) are taken aback when they learn the extent of Rachel’s spinal injuries at the hospital.


Marny, 27, tells TV WEEK, “Rachel’s injuries is extremely horrible.” “While her spinal cord is still linked to her head, her bone structure has separated.”

Tori is taken aback when she discovers Christian at the hospital and learns that he has chosen to stay in the Bay to treat Rachel rather than attend his own wedding.

Breaking my heart Tori can’t believe they had to call off their wedding. These two could be in for some trouble…

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