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EXCLUSIVE: Christie Hayes: ‘Inside my intimate elopement’

For the former Home and Away actress, the third time’s the charm – by Zoe Burrell

Christie Hayes married her soulmate, Justin Coombes-Pearce, in a romantic ceremony near Byron Bay, NSW, on May 12th, surrounded by candlelight as the sun set.

Christie tells New Idea exclusively that they’re both getting used to calling each other husband and wife. We, on the other hand, are ecstatic.

While the big day went off without a hitch, the build-up was less than ideal.

Christie, 34, and Justin, 47, decided to elope after the pandemic forced them to keep postponing their initial dream of marrying in Paris. Three months later, the couple married at Deux Belettes, a French chateau-inspired estate outside of Byron Bay.

Today is her big day! Christie Hayes glowed like a bride should.

Weddings by Poppy Peterson

Christie recalls, When we agreed to elope, we hit the ground running. We were able to pull it together without feeling hurried thanks to our wedding planner, Kate O’Shea from The Wedding Series Agency.

Despite the fact that Christie and Justin, a TV and radio host and producer, were the only ones in attendance at their wedding, they made sure their family and friends were not left out by live-streaming the event.

We also invited everyone to watch virtually so they could pop a bottle of champagne and relax on their sofa, says Christie.

In a romantic ceremony near Byron Bay, NSW, on 12 May, Christie Hayes married his soulmate Justin Coombes-Pearce.

Weddings by Poppy Peterson

It was, however, when the actress walked down the aisle to Etta James’ At Last! that she is well-known ‘All they could think about was each other,’ says the author.

Justin admits, I had to confess I cried.

Christie has previously married actor Greg Hatton and Daniel White, with whom she has two sons, Hendrix, 6, and Harley, 5. Despite this, she claims that her third wedding provided her with more life experience and wisdom.

She claims, I knew I was doing the right thing. I was young the first time, and the second time I just married because we had children, and I don’t want to dismiss those relationships, but this is the one I genuinely believe and know is genuine.

Justin admits, I had to confess I cried.

Weddings by Poppy Peterson

Christie exclaims, We couldn’t be happier.

Weddings by Poppy Peterson

The couple is already dreaming about having children now that they’ve settled into their wedding bliss.

Justin says, I love Christie’s boys like they’re my own. So that will most likely be our next step – to expand our little family.

Christie says, Hopefully, we’ll have some good news shortly.

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