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Home and Away: Cash plans to propose to Jasmine while Tane goes to desperate lengths to protect his family from Tex


Champagne is chilled, candles are lit, and a sparkling diamond ring shines inside its box. Officer Cash only needs to wait now to meet his future wife.

This week on Home And Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is impatiently awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend. At times when Jasmine (Sam Frost) misses her late husband Robbo, she finds refuge at her in-laws’ property (Jake Ryan).

Cash wants to make things special for her as she approaches Summer Bay, so he’s going to pop the question!

Despite recent obstacles, such as the sudden appearance of Jasmine’s half-siblings Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os), he is determined to rebuild their relationship.


According to Nicholas, Cash is deeply in love with Jasmine.

“He got lucky and met a woman with whom he really clicks. However, he constantly gets in his own way and worries that he will mess it up.”

Cash asks Xander to assist in planning the ideal supper because he is unable to keep the big news to himself. The paramedic, who has struggled to manage the demands of his profession, is ecstatic.

The two men discuss the mental strains of their professions as they set up. Policeman Cash is aware of how challenging it may be. Xander is then asked to serve as his best man.


Cash gets dressed that evening in anticipation of Jasmine’s arrival. But as the seconds pass, he starts to worry. Maybe he miscalculated the day of her homecoming.

When Jasmine doesn’t return his calls, Cash rushes to find Irene (Lynne McGranger), who has no idea where she is.

When daylight arrives and Jasmine is still missing, Cash assumes the worst and files a missing person report.

She is missing.


Tane makes valiant efforts to keep his family safe

Tane will do something he has never done before: collaborate with the police, in order to get Tex and his thugs off of his back and out of his life.

Tex (Lucas Linehan) hires a new “employee” to work at the gym this week. The accounts will be under their management, which is a cover for money laundering.

Despite his inability to do it on his own, Tane (Ethan Browne) will stop at nothing to keep his family safe.

Tane is very protective of the gym because it is his livelihood and of his family, too, according to Lucas, who speaks to TV WEEK.

“Both of them are endangered by Tex and his gang’s presence there. Tane needs to exercise caution even though he wants to cut their heads off.”

Tex is unaware that his girlfriend, Rose, a police officer, is already untrustworthy. She confronts Tane for the truth after discovering via further investigation that he has been lying to her.


They come up with a dangerous strategy to stop them together, but if they are successful, everyone will be protected from their terror.

The next day, Rose behaves appropriately and extends a friendly greeting to Tex.

By this point, Tex is accustomed to leading a double life, but Lucas claims that he still thinks Rose has a crush on him. His self-assurance is beginning to work against him.

Tane arrives at the bikie headquarters in the meantime and is quickly seized by security. Has he unintentionally set himself up for a trap?

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