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Grieving mother of late Home and Away actor Dieter Brummer hires a medium to attend his memorial one year after his tragic death


On the one-year anniversary of his passing, the mother of late Home and Away star Dieter Brummer hosted a private tribute at the Sydney home of the family.

Dieter’s former castmate Mat Stevenson was among the guests who spoke with a spiritual medium who had been recruited for the occasion.

Mat, 53, told New Idea that “[the psychic] informed me Diet had a message for me.”

We used to compete to see who looked best in their Speedos, and he always came out on top.


“The medium told me she could see Diet laughing and doing bicep positions, which astounded me.”

“He’s still making me feel like p**s!” He was the life of the party everytime.

Dawn Brummer, Dieter’s 85-year-old mother, also launched a Beyond Blue fundraising campaign and named a star in Dieter’s honour. Dieter passed away last year at the age of 45.

“Diet adored the universe,” Mat remarked. He was a grounded individual who got along with everyone, whether they were philosophers or astronomers or concrete workers.


He was so unassuming, carefree, and laconic. He probably never really appreciated how well-known he was back then.

He had an infectious smile that stretched from ear to ear and loved meeting new people.

The world would have been his oyster if Diet had concentrated on pursuing his acting profession rather than camped out in the wilderness or rappelled down a rock, in my opinion. He could have accomplished anything if he had focused on Hollywood.

Dieter gained notoriety from 1992 to 1996 on Home and Away as Shane Parrish. Famously, Melissa George’s Angel and Shane had an on-screen relationship.


From 2011 to 2012, the actor played Troy Miller in Neighbours.

For his portrayal of Shane, he received two Silver Logies for Most Popular Actor, one of which he converted into 26 miniature Logie Awards to present to his Home and Away coworkers.

Dieter hadn’t gotten around to giving out the mementos before his passing, so Dawn did it at the memorial.

“It was lovely.” Dawn reminded Diet that acting is a team sport and that he couldn’t have done it without his Home and Away coworkers in order to keep him in check,’ Mat said.

She’s a fantastic woman, and it’s incredibly moving. So that Diet is always with me, I’m going to turn mine into an earring.

On July 24, 2021, the formerly popular adolescent was discovered dead at a residence in Sydney’s Glenhaven.


The celebrity, who had recently changed careers to become a window washer, committed suicide.

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