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Home and Away: Cash and Felicity’s foster father make a shock return


Felicity’s wedding is quickly approaching, and Cash, her brother, has some grand plans to make it a memorable occasion. He has a lot on his plate, from fixing up their late father’s battered old truck to urging Flick to get back in touch with their foster father Gary.
But when Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) learns Gary (Peter Phelps) is in town this week on Home And Away, she isn’t too grateful for Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) considerate attempts. Cash is ecstatic to see him, but Flick has a different reaction.
They had a troubled past, says Jacqui to TV WEEK. “He and Cash have her feeling ambushed. Cash doesn’t agree with her decision to avoid seeing him; instead, he coerces her into doing so. She and Cash become enmity-driven as a result.”

Flick harbours regret for how she handled Gary when she was a teenager in addition to her deep sorrow at the death of her father.
Gary entered her life when her father passed away, which was difficult for her, according to Jacqui. “She naturally rebelled and mistreated Gary as a result. Now that she is feeling guilty, she doesn’t want to see him.”
Cash urges his sister to put the past behind them in the hopes that the two would be able to reconcile. But when Flick and Gary finally meet, she makes it apparent that she is not interested in making things right.
Thankfully, a perceptive Gary sees see through her pretence and enfolds her in his embrace. According to Jacqui, “Flick realises that if she doesn’t confront this grief, she’ll never be able to get over it.”

In the meantime, Cash begins work on preparing his father’s ute for the big day with garage owner Justin (James Stewart). He’s working on something when the radio starts playing his dad’s favourite song. Then, shortly after, he discovers his mother’s long-lost necklace concealed inside the car. Since so long ago, the jewellery has been gone, claims Nicholas. And just as Cash is arranging for a piece of their father to attend Flick’s wedding, a piece of their mother also shows up. He gives their mother’s long-lost necklace to his sister to wear on her wedding day as good luck because he is proud of her for making amends with Gary.
Things are improving for the anxious bride! Can she maintain her good mood all the way to the altar?

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