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Home and Away announces new Summer Bay doctor


A new doctor has arrived in Summer Bay, according to Home and Away.

Juliet Godwin, a new cast member, will play Dr. Bree in the Channel 5 soap opera. Dr. Bree is equally likely to be surfing the waves at Summer Bay’s beaches as she is saving lives in the emergency room.

Dr. Bree is characterised by the producers as “laid-back, compassionate, and caring,” but there is undoubtedly more to her story than what her upbeat demeanour is revealing.

Viewers will learn more about Dr. Bree’s past and any secrets she could be keeping from her new friends as she settles into Summer Bay.


Juliet Godwin, who previously played a cameo part in the ABC drama series The Heights, is comparatively new to Australian television.

After the Commonwealth Games’ midseason finale in August, Dr. Bree is scheduled to make an appearance on Australian television. Home and Away on Channel 5 won’t be affected by this interruption in the UK.

Fans need not worry about Home and Away returning to the UK at all! Ben Frow, the head of Channel 5, recently pledged to keep the soap opera on UK television for as long as it is produced, unlike Neighbours.

According to the Channel 5 executive, “It’s a life-of-series deal, so it’s not going anywhere until the makers decide to cancel it.”


Home and Away has been a mainstay of Channel 5 since since the channel gained the UK broadcasting rights to the soap opera in a bidding war against ITV in 2000.

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