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Neighbours’ Toadie Rebecchi’s final storyline revealed as surprise guest arrives


The final spoilers have been released ahead of the final episode, signalling that the cast of Neighbours is about to say goodbye.

We now know that the main focus of the story will be Toadfish “Toadie” Rebecchi and Melanie Pearson’s wedding. Ryan Moloney (Lucinda Cowen).

Toadie hasn’t exactly had the best of success with women over the years, it may be said. After a catastrophic car accident, his first wife, Dee Bliss (Madeleine West), vanished for 14 years. He then wed Steph Scully (Carla Bonner) twice, sort of, before marrying Sonya (Eve Morey), who tragically passed away from ovarian cancer in 2019.

He has since fallen in love with Mel, and a major ceremony in the final week is expected to usher in the comeback of some of the soap opera’s most adored characters.


Daniel MacPherson, Ian Smith, Kyle, Roxy, and Paul Keane, to mention a few, will attend the ceremony along with Toadie’s old friend Joel Samuels (Daniel MacPherson), who will make a surprise appearance just in time for the big day.

It appears that Toadie will finally have his happily ever after in the charming ceremony officiated by Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne), and if anyone deserves it, it’s him.

Will Dee be back for the conclusion of Neighbours?

True Dee and/or Fake Dee won’t be appearing in the Neighbours finale, sorry.

Dee didn’t make the final list of returning Neighbours characters, which included Scott and Charlene Robinson (Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue), among many others, and that list was released back in May.


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