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Home and Away’s Heather goes to drastic lengths to intimidate Leah


Leah has always been a devoted friend who will do anything to defend the people she loves. However, her well-intentioned intervention this week on Home And Away puts her in harm’s way.
When Heather (Sofia Nolan), Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) hidden daughter, is charged with cutting the tyres on John’s (Shane Withington) automobile, Marilyn decides to take the fall in the hopes that it will thaw their estranged relationship.

Marilyn is delighted by Heather’s enthusiastic response to her act, but when she tells Leah (Ada Nicodemou) the truth, her pal immediately recognises something isn’t right.
Ada, 45, tells TV WEEK that there have been a few occasions when she has seemed strange.
“Leah feels sorry for Marilyn, though. Leah doesn’t appreciate how Heather has let Marilyn take the responsibility for everything, even though she is aware of her heavy burden of guilt and feels the need to defend Heather.”

While Heather first appreciates Marilyn’s “confession,” she becomes enraged when she sees how understanding Marilyn’s friends are of her.
Leah’s decision to have a serious talk with Heather only serves to fuel her rage.
Ada reveals that Leah wants Heather to understand that she is aware of her plan to manipulate Heather’s mother and that it is time to put an end to it.

Poor John’s tyres have demonstrated that Heather is capable in arguing her case. Leah knows it was Heather’s fault when she returns home from a busy day to find her house broken into and trashed.
Ada explains, “It scares her a lot.” “She recognises Heather is crazy.”
Leah begins to question whether Marilyn is in danger if Heather is willing to do this after just one discussion.


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