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Home and Away airs outcome of Theo Poulos’s secret romance storyline


Spoilers for recent Australian episodes of Home and Away are included here, which some UK viewers may want to skip.

Theo Poulos and Kirby Aramoana’s secret romance plot line in Home and Away has hinted at a happy ending.


In recent Australian episodes, Theo pursued a romance with his bandmate from Lyrik after parting from Chloe Anderson, who had permanently left Summer Bay.


Theo and Kirby were compelled to conceal their relationship after Eden Fowler and Remi Carter, other Lyrik members, intervened to forbid hook-ups within the organisation.



Eden and Remi were concerned that Kirby’s relationship with Bob Forsyth in the past, which had led to issues for Lyrik before he abruptly left the band, would repeat itself.

The pressure of hiding their romance caused Kirby to realise she was in danger of losing Theo in this week’s Australian episodes.


Kirby went too far by urging Theo to kiss a stranger in an effort to derail Remi and Theo’s romance.


Theo wasn’t impressed with the gaming and wondered if he should stop seeing Kirby in light of the current predicament.



As quickly as possible, Kirby took control of the situation by kissing Theo in front of Eden and Remi because she wanted everything to be on the table.

Eden and Remi were astonished to see how much Kirby had been battling the prospect of losing Theo.


They made the decision to relax their restriction on romance and approved of Theo and Kirby’s relationship.


Eden and Remi anticipated issues in the event that Theo and Kirby ever separated, but the new pair reassured them that this wouldn’t happen.



Have Theo and Kirby, who recently parted ways with Chloe and Bob, finally found happiness?


In October, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

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