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Home and Away airs exit for young character as big storyline ends


In the Australian episode of Home and Away that aired on Tuesday (July 11), Andrew Lawrence’s exit scenes were shown.

In order to start a new life with his sister Tegan, the well-liked young character left Summer Bay.

Following his difficult ordeal in the Vita Nova cult complex, Andrew has recently been seen readjusting to life in the Bay on Australian television’s Channel 7.

When Tegan, one of Andrew’s siblings, showed up and urged him to move in with her, Andrew was put in a difficult situation.


At first, the disturbed kid informed Tegan that he prefered to stay with Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson, who had kindly taken him in after his father’s passing.

However, Andrew revealed to Theo Poulos, Leah’s nephew, that he had actually intended to live with his sister all along. He just hesitated to confirm this out of concern for upsetting Justin and Leah.

Theo intervened by informing Justin when Tegan appeared ready to depart the Bay without ever learning what Andrew actually wanted.

Then Justin gave Andrew the go-ahead to depart with Tegan and follow Justin’s advice.


In touching scenes, Andrew thought back to the time he initially asked Justin for assistance by writing him a message when he was performing community service.

Thank you for reading my note, Andrew said. You have altered my life.

“You changed mine, too, mate. For the better,” Justin retorted.

In April, Andrew made his debut on Australian television. Since then, fans have hailed the young actor Joshua Hewson as a budding star.


Due to Channel 5’s programmes being nearly two months behind, UK viewers have a few more weeks to catch up on the plot.

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