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Home and Away addresses Jasmine Delaney’s absence in new storyline


Jasmine Delaney’s continued absence from Summer Bay has been addressed by Home and Away.

After learning that Wendy Shaw, the mother of her late spouse Robbo, had experienced a heart attack, Jasmine recently left town in a hurry. She made the choice to assist the Shaws on the family farm while she waited.

Sam Frost stated her intention to take a vacation from her position as Jasmine, and this narrative was initially conceived after that announcement. Sam later indicated, however, that her departure would be permanent.

As her partner Cash Newman awaited her return, Jasmine was frequently mentioned in the Australian Channel 7 episode that aired on Monday.


Jasmine’s rumoured return to the Bay delighted Cash, and he told her brother Xander Delaney about his intentions to pop the question to her.

Cash excitedly anticipated Jasmine’s arrival after putting together a special supper, getting an engagement ring, and bringing home some champagne.

Cash left Jasmine a concerned voicemail when she repeatedly arrived late without explanation, though.

Are we ready to see a screen justification for why Jasmine won’t be going back to the Bay?


Sam Frost revealed last year that she will be taking a break from Home and Away to get her COVID shots. A rule put in place at the beginning of the year requires everyone in the cast of Home and Away to get vaccinated.

Later, Sam declared that her departure would be unabated due to a change of heart.

In a statement provided to Digital Spy, a representative for Channel 7 stated: “Sam’s decision to leave Home and Away is one that we accept and support. Our deepest gratitude and best wishes for the future go with Sam as he departs.”

Insiders for the show claimed that Sam’s departure had nothing to do with the earlier debates around vaccination.


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