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Home and Away’s Emily Symons floors fans in throwback snap as fans praise ageless beauty


Fans of the late 1980s serial opera Home and Away were shocked to find an old photograph of Emily Symons in the legendary role of Marilyn Chambers.

Fans of Home and Away were stunned to discover a throwback photo of Emily Symons from a popular series.

The actress, 53, debuted as Marilyn Chambers in 1989, the same year the Channel 5 soap opera debuted, and it’s safe to say that she now looks very different from when she originally played the role.

One fan shared a screenshot of Marilyn when she first featured in Summer Bay to the Seven Facebook page after going back to watch old episodes of the series.


Emily was absolutely unrecognizably in the photo thanks to her massive haircut, enormous jewellery, and copious amounts of makeup.

In the description, the group member wrote: “LIVING for these vintage Home and Away episodes, Marilyn’s hair!!! Just wished each episode didn’t have such a strong hold on me.

It’s challenging since there are always new people and plotlines because each episode airs around a year after the last one you watched. However, I still adore it.

Fans flocked to the comments section of the image to express their opinions. One fan praised the actress for her youthful beauty and said, “She looks much better now lol.”


The dramatic expression was described as “cringe” by some, who also asked, “Did anyone lose their mop? She must wince when she remembers how she once looked.

A third individual added, “Big hair was trendy and everyone had fluffy hair back then.

Another fan concurred, saying, “Yep, nobody “ironed” their hair then. The era of mousse and gel had arrived. Consider Effie.

Marilyn has been receiving threats in recent weeks as a result of speaking out against the dishonest skincare firm Stunning Organics in public.


The threatening voicemail Marilyn received on Thursday’s episode (July 13) telling her and her pals to “watch their backs” left her feeling uneasy.

Rose revealed to a terrified Marilyn that the caller ID had been tampered with, implying the person on the other end had gone to great measures to conceal their identity, as she tried to find out who had made the call.

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