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Hollywood star Guy Pearce pays tribute to axed Neighbours after return


After returning to Neighbours as Mike Young for the finale, Hollywood star Guy Pearce thanked fans for their supportive comments and expressions of kindness.

Last Friday, Channel 5 in the UK aired the final episode of Neighbours.

A lot of well-known people, including Guy, Margot Robbie, Jason Donovan, and Kylie Minogue, returned, making it an emotional farewell.

Once he landed in Ramsay Street, Guy and Mike’s fans fell back in love with them all over again.


We were all in tears as we watched Mike reunited with his ex-girlfriend Jane.

Guy paid appreciation to the programme in a tweet as the credits rolled:

He posted on Twitter, “Thank you to everyone who watched our @NeighborsTV finalé and for all ur kind thoughts.”

I’m eternally appreciative of everything this programme has done for me and am thrilled to have been welcomed back to join the current cast. Of course, I’m also thrilled that Jane and I have reconnected!


Margot Robbie, a fellow cast member of the Australian soap opera Neighbours, has also talked about her time on the show.

I owe a lot to my neighbours. We owe them for giving us such a significant break in so many ways. Not only did it give me a break, but it also allowed me a genuine opportunity to practise my art. The Donna Freedman actress told The Sun, “I will always be incredibly thankful. It was the perfect training for Hollywood.

Using a zoom call, Margot returned to the role of Donna (of course).

After being married, Toadie and his family chose to leave Ramsay Street, and Donna was a part of a montage saying goodbye to them.


But after recognising the familiar faces, they chose to remain.

Other celebrities who made a comeback in the finals included Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, and Jason Donovan.

Three million people watched the entire episode at its height.

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