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How Ada Nicodemou’s close-knit family with son Johnas came together after a divorce and finding new love


Ada Nicodemou is a multifaceted person who holds her roles as a mother, sister, aunt, and partner in high regard.

Her Instagram is flooded with pictures of her partner Adam Rigby, son Johnas, and other significant family events throughout the years.

The Home And Away actor has worked hard to foster a positive family dynamic since divorcing Johnas’ father Chrys Xipolitas in 2016 and starting a new relationship with Adam.

With her mother Jenny Nicodemou, brother Costa Nicodemou, his wife Elena Nicodemou, and their daughter Sofia, she will spend a lot of time with them.


In 2020, Ada talked to Marie Claire about her mother and how the actress was motivated to work hard as a child by her.

“The head of our family has always been my mother Jenny. Despite working five days a week, she chauffeured my brother and I everywhere “She said.

“Before I started school, I used to work at a delicatessen, counting back change to customers. My mother is where I acquire my work ethic.

“She has given me the ability to be resilient, strong, and advocate for myself. She had to be a tough woman since she was a Greek immigrant.”


Jenny also taught her the importance of family ties, which Ada still prioritises today. Just take a look at her Instagram for examples; it’s jam-packed with images from important family events.

Fair warning: You might feel compelled to call your loved ones after viewing the gallery of Ada and her immediate relatives below.

They dressed warmly for a winter getaway to Queenstown, New Zealand, where they looked too adorable in matching beanies and sweaters. Ada, Adam, and Johnas.

“New Zealand, you are beloved. We’re going skiing tomorrow and we can’t wait!” It was captioned by Ada. Could there be a more adorable trio than this?


Ada went above and beyond for her mother’s birthday, and judging by the expressions on Johnas and Sofia’s faces, they were eager to taste the celebration cake.

On January 23, Ada celebrated an important family anniversary! Sofia, her niece and goddaughter, celebrated her birthday, and the Home and Away star commemorated the event by posting a photo of Adam kissing Sofia on the head. Happy birthday, dear girl, she said as the caption for the adorable photo.

Adam and Ada went on a date night to see the movie House of Gucci. They posed for a selfie, the diva looked stunning with her summer tan, and it was obvious they were having fun because she found the movie “interesting” and told her fans, “I definitely suggest it.”

Ada uploaded a tonne of selfies with her son to round off their time together during her summer vacation. “Having a good time in the city with my boy. returning to work next week “She added captions to the images.

Ada celebrated Johnas’ birthday after the lockdown in order to make up for it. “We had a belated birthday party for the little man today, it was so great to see how much fun he had playing soccer with his buddies,” the actress captioned a plethora of family images she posted from the event. Johnas, happy extremely late birthday. I adore you so much. And many thanks to @polespatisserie for the magnificent #lewishamilton cake, which tasted as good as it looked ?.”

Ada and her companion Adam gushed over Johnas, while Lynne McGranger shared the love by making comments on the photos of the family “Happy birthday, Johnas, a day late. You’re one lucky dude ????.”


During the festivities, Johnas and his adoring yiayia enjoyed a beautiful moment.

For a family photo, Johnas’ favourite uncle Costa, his aunt Elena, and his cousin Sofia gathered around his cake with a car racing theme.

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