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Neighbours spoilers: Is Chloe Brennan having doubts about Kiri?


On Neighbours, April Rose Pengilly’s character Chloe Brennan initially hesitated to date her housemate Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson).

But on the night of Mackenzie Hargreaves’ (Georgie Stone) and Hendrix Greyson’s (Ben Turland) wedding, the ladies finally got together.

But now that their long-awaited romance has begun, it’s not quite the wonderful romance that Chloe and Kiri had anticipated…

In the Australian soap opera’s current episode, Chloe is shocked to find that Kiri has resumed attending church.


In addition, Chloe’s former fiancée, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes), has started attending church with her.

In fact, Nicolette appears to be present on the scene very frequently right now.

Is Nicolette secretly attempting to reignite her own brief affair with Kiri?

Chloe makes the decision that it is time to talk openly with Kiri about their future together.


But will the couple reconcile or call it quits?

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) is thrilled to finally have the opportunity to meet her lover, Clive Gibbons, and Byron Stone (Joe Klocek) (Geoff Paine).

Clive’s voice strikes Byron as being familiar as he arrives for a family supper at The Waterhole.

despite the fact that they had never met.


When Byron learns that his mother’s lover is somehow connected to one of his female clients, he is secretly worried.

This is what?

Has Clive been engaging in any pranks behind Jane’s back?

The heartbroken daughter of Grant Hargreaves (Paul Mercurio), Mackenzie, causes Grant a great deal of concern.

Grant realises that Mackenzie isn’t dealing with her sorrow as well as she has led everyone to believe after spotting her in her wedding dress and sobbing in front of video footage of her now-deceased husband, Hendrix.

Grant and Mackenzie reach an accord.


They each pledge to be more forthcoming with the other.

However, Grant acts to shield Mackenzie from any additional grief once neighbour Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan) discovers some previously undiscovered Hendrix video.

However, is Grant once more trying to micro-manage his daughter a BIG mistake?

On Channel 5, Neighbours airs every day at 1:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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