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‘Have some respect’: Neighbours fans irate at Home and Away adverts running during series finale


After 37 years, the Australian soap opera Neighbours has ended.

The programme, which saw its final episode air on Friday (July 29), served as a springboard for Australian actors on their route to celebrity and became a staple in many UK households.

Those who had last watched the show in years stated that they had tuned in to see the Ramsay Street characters.

Many people were surprised to see Channel 5 showing advertisements for the competing Australian soap, Home and Away, moving to the now vacant midday slot throughout the emotional broadcast, according to social media.


Channel 5, stop promoting Home and Away during the noon Neighbors time period. It’s NOT THE SAME THING,” a furious viewer remarked.

Another added, referring to a character from the exiting soap, “Take the hint, Glen.” “Right now, you’re as welcome as a Home and Away commercial,”

Another admirer of Neighbours described the commercial as a “genuine stab in the heart.”

A disgruntled viewer commented, “Neighbours isn’t even cold yet and Channel 5 have stuck Home and Away in its midday time slot.”


Another fan corroborated his statement: “Home and Away has already taken over Neighbours’ time slot. Have some respect, it’s still warm.

On social media, the long-running series’ stars also paid respect to it.

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