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Home and Away accused of ‘trolling’ Neighbours as show comes to an end


Fans of Neighbours became sick of watching Home and Away commercials throughout last night’s season finale.

Neighbours was cancelled by Channel 5 earlier this year after 37 seasons, and on Friday, July 29, it broadcast its final episode.

Fans thought it was inappropriate for the broadcaster to air Home and Away previews during the commercial breaks of the farewell episode.

Reactions from viewers to the Neighbours commercial breaks

Fans weren’t pleased even though the channel made the decision to air the advertisements, not Home and Away.


Even the host of Pointless made a Twitter joke about how Home and Away was “trolling” Neighbours.

Other admirers undoubtedly concurred, and they weren’t as amused by it as Richard was.

Channel 5 was labelled “cruel” by one, and “rubbing salt into the wound” by another.

Is Home and Away also getting axed?

After Neighbours ended, fans of Home and Away are now wondering if the Australian serial would also be cancelled.


Ben Frow, the head of Channel 5, however, announced the show’s future earlier this month.

He gave his prediction regarding what will happen to Home and Away in an interview with Radio Times.

Ben responded, “No, Home and Away is not in danger of being cancelled.

“However, I believe it will be interesting to observe how we use it as we advance. There may be another location on the 5 spectrum where it belongs.


But because of the life-of-series agreement, he continued, “It won’t end until the producers decide to discontinue it.”

However, the time slot has been altered. Instead of airing at its customary hour of 1.15pm, the soap will instead air at Neighbours’ old midday slot of 1.45pm.

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