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Neighbours finale peaks at 3,000,000 viewers for heartwarming farewell after cancellation


Millions of viewers watched Neighbours’ heartbreaking finale to bid farewell to their favourite Ramsay Street residents, as the show racked up record ratings.

The final episode of the adored soap opera aired yesterday night in the UK on Channel 5, with actors such Guy Pearce, Margot Robbie, Jason Donovan, and Kylie Minogue returning to the show that made them famous.

According to reports, 2.5 million people watched the show’s final episode, peaking at 3 million as it came to an end after being cancelled.

The soap opera’s farewell episode featured a special hour-long show in which it thanked fans for their support over the previous 37 years.


While Toadie (Ryan Moloney) married Melanie Pearson, Mike Young (Guy) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones) travelled down memory lane in a sentimental plotline (Lucinda Cowden).

While Margot made a special cameo to reprise her role as Donna Freedman, her character made a fleeting appearance over Zoom. In other scenes, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) reunited with his soulmate Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

After being tasked with finishing the revised and better History of Ramsay Street, Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) found the ideal phrases to characterise the beloved street.

Susan asked: “How do you begin to describe a street? ” while the audience sobbed copiously. Do you discuss the homes? the mortar and bricks? The trees and gardens? Do you also discuss the people? Who are the young, old, and everyone in between?


Everyone deserves a part in Ramsay Street’s history, she continued. Even those who watched us from a distance,” she said, giving what seemed to be a clear acknowledgment to Neighbours’ ardent followers all over the world.

Together, we have become the ideal blend, Susan said, and as the credits rolled, a message reading “Thank you for loving us” was seen. We adore you.

Neighbours was cancelled this year by Channel 5 in order to make room for “original UK drama,” which sparked controversy when the news was first revealed.

What an emotional, nostalgic, fantastic, and suitable finish! That was one tweet from a fan who watched the finale last night in the UK. I started watching Neighbours when I was so little. ‘I can’t believe it’s over.


Someone more wrote: “Don’t mind me, just bawling over a show I haven’t watched in twenty years #Neighbours,” and another said: “I can’t. the feeling. The conclusion was perfect.

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