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Neighbours spoilers: A shock kiss and a beautiful wedding


This week, Reece Sinclair, a wealthy US-based part-owner of Lassiters Hotel, made her debut in Erinsborough on Neighbours, turning heads among certain locals.
Byron (Xavier Molyneux), a lessee, has fallen in love with Reece (Mischa Barton). Even if he is taking a professional risk by pursuing his passion, that doesn’t stop things from getting hot and steamy between them.

Mischa, 37, tells TV WEEK, “Reece’s just trying to enjoy her time and new relationship in Australia because she’s been so swept up in the family name and everything about work.”
Mischa, who gained recognition for her role as Marissa Cooper in the popular adolescent drama The OC, infuses the new Neighbours series with a glamorous flair while also making a lasting impression on Australia.
“I was told by Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy, that this role will be a lot of fun because you’re leaving a legacy behind,” Mischa explains.

When Reece becomes displeased with Holly, a staff member at Lassiters (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), she crosses boundaries and has a carefree attitude.
When Byron becomes interested in learning more about Reece after their heated interactions, he will be faced with even more hostility. When she refuses to divulge information, he becomes wary.
Reece may not have come to Australia for the reasons most people believe!
Will Mike and Jane get married soon?
The rekindled romance between Mike and Jane captured the attention of viewers during what was widely believed to be the penultimate season of Neighbours. Now that they’re back together, what does this ex-couple’s future hold?
“To have been such a big part of the finale was a great honour,” Jane’s 56-year-old actress Annie Jones tells TV WEEK.

“After playing Mike for a million years, Guy Pierce was a little anxious, but as soon as he put on the leather jacket and we began running lines, it all came back.”
Mike and Jane are still together, despite the COVID-19 pandemic separating them.
Mike subsequently reveals to his daughter Sam (Henrietta Graham) that he has “a plan” when the two are enjoying a FaceTime conversation about their impending reunion and impromptu vacation in the UK.
Could Jane and Mike be the couple heading down the aisle given that Network 10 has been hinting at an unexpected wedding on the show?


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