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From paramedic to Ukrainian war reporter: Neighbours stars – where are they now?


How will we perceive Neighbours’ legacy after all is said and done? Will it be considered a fundamental aspect of the monoculture of terrestrial TV? Will we look back and wonder why we devoted so much time to a show that featured so little action? Will we simply retain Bouncer’s dream and ignore everything else?

I predict that Neighbours will be the ultimate star-maker. More megastars have likely come from this programme than from all other soap operas combined. You have probably already read or heard a lot about Margot Robbie, Liam Hemsworth, Russell Crowe, and all the other Neighbours actors who became instantly famous around the world. Here are some performers who had more intriguing adventures after “Neighbours,” though.

Shane Connor (Joe Scully, 1999-2004)

Although Connor has continued to work regularly since leaving Neighbours, including roles in the horror movie Wolf Creek 2 and the Australian TV programme City Homicide, the most intriguing aspect of his career was his exit from Ramsay Street. After Connor recovered from an amphetamine addiction, he was fired for “negligence and misconduct.” He litigated the performance. After concluding that he had been unlawfully fired, the judge gave him a damage award of the equivalent of £130,000.

Dan Falzon (Rick Alessi, 1992-1995)

sloppy-haired sex-diva Since leaving Neighbours in the middle of the 1990s, Falzon has seen his career zigzag all over the place. He has kept acting while starting a band with his brother. Falzon, who most recently worked as a paramedic in Alice Springs, also serves as managing director of Earth Sanctuary, a company that promotes eco-tourism and astronomy. He posted a video on YouTube from a decade ago in which an alien greets you and welcomes you to the Galactic Federation of Light.


Elaine Smith (Daphne Clarke, 1985-1988)

Smith’s character, one of the show’s initial stars, was killed in a vehicle accident at the height of her fame. After leaving Neighbours, she had a successful acting career, landing parts in the TV series State Coroner and The Flying Doctors, but she admitted that the demands of stardom were difficult for her to handle. She was spotted in front of a Sydney school in 2017 after retraining as a teacher.

Alan Dale (Jim Robinson, 1985-1993)

I made an effort to avoid including many actors who appeared in other shows following Neighbours, but Alan Dale deserves to receive special recognition. Prolific beyond description, Dale used to appear on television each and every time a major drama needed a slightly menacing authoritative figure. On Lost, he played Charles Widmore. On 24, he served as vice president. He appeared on The West Wing, Ugly Betty, NCIS, CSI, and JAG, among other shows. Even in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he appeared. The best-furrowed field belongs to Dale among the Neighbours actors.

Craig McLachlan (Henry Ramsay, 1987-1989)

Although unlike some of his co-stars, McLachlan would turn out to be a one-hit wonder, his song Mona immediately became the No. 2 UK hit after he left Neighbours. He was nominated for a Logie award in 2016 while continuing to perform frequently on stage and in television. However, a 2018 investigation found that he had faced criticism from his female co-stars. Although he was cleared of all charges in 2020, Victoria Police had charged him with one case of common assault, eight counts of indecent assault, and one act of attempted indecent assault. Since the claims were made, he hasn’t done anything and hasn’t posted anything on social media since May.

Rebecca Ritters (Hannah Martin, 1992-1999)

My favourite post-Neighbors story is the last one. Ritters debuted on the programme at age eight and left at age fifteen. Like most teenagers, she spent the following years trying to figure out where she fit in. The British Shakespeare Company took her on tour. She appeared on Coronation Street for a short while. She accepted a position at Warner Brothers Records as a receptionist. After all of that, she stumbled into journalism. She has been a reporter and anchor for Deutsche Welle since 2015 and currently resides in Berlin. Her most recent assignment was to cover the conflict in Ukraine.


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