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Former Home and Away star Jodi Gordon announces devastating news with ‘heavy heart’


Jodi Gordon, a former Home and Away actor, revealed some heartbreaking family news.

Gordon revealed the death of her father Ray over the weekend while sharing a carousel of photos, which sparked an outpouring of love and sorrow.

She commented, “I’d like to share some beautiful moments in memory of my Dad who passed away yesterday, with a heavy heart.”

“Dad, you put up the best fight.”


“Every day, we shall carry your love, laughter, and joy with us and through us.

You will always come through in the words we say, the actions we take, the music we sing, and every other aspect of this life dance.

“Thanks for everything,”

The actress Gordon, who portrayed Martha MacKenzie in the Channel Seven TV drama from 2005 to 2010, claimed that “the gift of strength” was her father’s greatest gift.


“You’ve taught my brother and I how to stand tall, how to pick ourselves up after falling, how to stand up for what’s right and what we believe in, and most importantly, how to never put up with idiots lol.

“Dad xx, I love you so much.”

Gordon then provided a series of captions describing the subjects of each of the images she posted.

Gordon’s father is shown in one photo holding her hand at her wedding.


In particular, when I felt nervous, he would constantly hold my hand so tightly, she stated.

She added, “The coolest Dad, the naughtiest Dad, the rockstar Dad, the stylish Dad,” next to a different picture of her father as a young guy, shirtless and wearing denim pants.

Additional pictures included her parents, the “prettiest peach of all,” “morning hangs with the birds,” and a large family group portrait.

She wrote, “Loved a laugh, a smoke, a beer, and a barbeque.”

Several of Gordon’s coworkers from Home and Away sent their condolences on her passing.

Ada Nicodemou wrote, “Jodi, what beautiful words.”


“You two had a lovely relationship, and your dad sounds like such an amazing person.

“Love and kisses to you, beautiful girl.”

Emily Weir wrote, “I love you,” and included a red heart emoji.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Jodi,” Megan Gale, a model, wrote.

“To you and your family, my love and condolences.”

“Absolutely devastating Jodi,” wrote SAS Australia star Anna Heinrich in a letter. Considering you and your loved ones.

Christie Hayes, an actress, remarked, “So much love in these pictures.”

“I still remember how awesome your dad was when we met at your 21st birthday party.”

One buddy wrote, “Beautiful Ray Ray who we will all miss sooo much.”

Nothing mattered to him more than his JoJo.

He was happiest when discussing his infant daughter.

JoJo, I’m thinking of you. Grateful for your father’s legacy both now and forever.

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