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Top Home And Away’s Wedding that will take you down memory lane

Home and Away knows how to do well if there’s one thing, it’s a beautiful marriage.
Over the years we have had absolutely beautiful weddings with some of our favourite couples – and frankly we live for such moments.
The show is over 30 years old so of course we forgive you if you have missed any of the famous loved couples in Summer Bay who have gone down the aisle.
So let us help you get back to this glorious and romantic wedding and relive our favourite couples’ warm love stories.

Aden & Belle

The vows “in sickness and in health” never meant more than on the day of the marriage of Belle and Aden. Belle(Jessica Tovey) had terminal cancer and was unlikely in the long run. It was a bittersweet occasion. Aden (Todd Lasance) said to Belle, “Babe, I’d be a fool not to get you married.

When she marries her own marriage would be somewhat different from her on-screen journeys across the aisle, Jessica told TV WEEK.

“After wearing so many wedding dresses, I’ll probably just get married in shorts and a T-shirt!” said Jessica.

Leah and Vinnie

This big day could not kill a whole raft of intruding family members! Their Scottish and Greek heritage were combined for their wonderful church marriages by Vinnie (Ryan Kwanten) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

“At the time, I hadn’t been married before and it was the first time I’d put on a veil,” Ada, 38, says in TV WEEK, “It was lovely – I love a Home And Away wedding.”

Ada shows however that the corset was very tight on the wedding dress!

“I wore that bloody dress for two weeks and I was all bruised because it was boned,” she explains laughingly how the scenes were shot.

Flynn & Sally

Finally, the little girl we had seen grow up went down the aisle. On the day of her wedding, Sally (Kate Ritchie) had some hurdles to conquer – a horse and rain! However, she made Flynn wed to the altar (Joel McIlroy). Her clothes might have been ripped and rubbed, but this wedding wouldn’t stop.


“Even though I’ve done a lot of great things since, Sally will always have a special place in my heart,” Kate of 37 years old, tells WEEK TV.


Noah & Hayley

He walked down the nave to marry Noah with the ghost of her late father. Under a white canopy, the beach ceremony Summer Bay took place.

“May I speak to you with my eyes, may I listen to you with my heart,” said both in their touching vows.

Their wedding reception with Kane (Sam Atwell) and Kirsty (Christie Hayes) who have renewed their vows was then shared by Noah (Beau Brady) and Hayley (Bec Hewitt).

Angel & Shane

Shane and Angel were one of the most unforgettable Summer Bay weddings. Who could miss an Angel, who’s walking down the hall and met Shane (Dieter Brummer) on a wheelchair?


When Shane reached him at the altar, “You look beautiful,”

Jack & Martha

Here’s a pair that didn’t have one, but two tries. The vows at the first wedding related to her path to the algar, Martha (Jodi Gordon) and Jack’s (Paul O’Brien). It included nudie runs and the incident of the fake spider. The wedding was disrupted by the explosion in the reception of the Summer Bay Stalker. Both survived, but later their marriage failed and Martha moved away. Since Martha fought cancer and had lost her unborn son, their second wedding took place in the hospital.

The teen lovers tied their knot just weeks after Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) struck Angel in their car, paralysing her.

The characters of Jasmine & Robbo Sam Frost and Jasmine and Robbo (Jake Ryan) will be married in a wonderful wedding in Summer Bay. But we don’t know if it’s all going to plan. “there will be no honeymoon” – eek! What’s going on we can’t wait to see.

Regardless of what is happening, Jasmine’s magnificence was undeniable on her day. She surprised us in this traditional yet contemporary lace robe and her maquillage is perfect.

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