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For next week, 12 big Home and Away spoilers

Next week’s Home and Away episodes see a potential new relationship storyline begin for Ziggy and Tane, while Jasmine and Ryder are playing Peacemaker for another member of the Parata family.
Meanwhile, Taylor slips up badly when chatting with Angelo about Colby. Will he know that an affair is taking place under his nose?
Here’s a full list of 12 cool moments to come.

Tane’s going back to illegal activity

He is shocked to find that when Tane has his first day in the garage later in the week, his duties are not exactly what he expected. Since he is not qualified as a mechanic, he will only do admin and cleaning duties.
While Tane is still struggling with this bad news, as Ari shows up with pizza for him and Ziggy in the garage, he gets angry. It’s supposed to be a kind gesture, but Tane feels that Ari is interfering.
Later, Tane reaches the break point with a van loaded full of stolen goods and arrives at the garage. Is he going to live to regret the involvement of the garage in criminal activities?

Ziggy and Tane spark speculation over romance

Ziggy needs help at the garage as Justin will be out of action for several weeks after his surgery. She decides to hire Tane even though he is not a qualified mechanic.
Tane is grateful for the opportunity, especially because he has just left his former job at Salt. The insistence of Ziggy on hiring Tane, however, sparks some speculation that she may have a romantic interest in the bad boy after her split from Dean.
When Amber sees Ziggy and Tane drinking together in Salt, she makes a pointful comment about their friendship. Ziggy is taken aback, wondering why everyone feels it should be possible for her and Tane to move on.

Spoiler warning home and away: The mystery Witness X will be revealed

With his family, Tane loses his temper

After weeks of stress over their Mackenzie feelings Ari is keen to get his brotherly friendship with Tane back on track. Meanwhile, Nikau has romantic issues of his own after a serious argument over Colby, as he finds it difficult to get his relationship with Bella back on track.
Tane is fed up with both of them and snaps, causing him to shock Ari and Nikau with his outburst.

Jasmine and Ryder are taking extreme steps for Nikau and Bella,

Jasmine and Ryder know that to get their relationship back on track, Nikau and Bella would need a little drive. Under false pretences, they invite Nikau and Bella to the gym, then lock them inside together so that they will have no choice but to solve their problems.
With Bella acknowledging that she’s concerned about unnecessarily bringing Nikau into the turmoil of her life, the former couple talks things through. Nikau maintains that, no matter what, he wants to help her.
When they later return and find that Nikau and Bella have sorted things out, Jasmine and Ryder are delighted.

The return of his symptoms is discussed by Justin

A recurrence of his symptoms continues to happen to Justin. He confides in Leah because of his concerns that his tumour may have already returned.
Justin goes to the hospital to get Christian ‘s help, but he’s adamant that he doesn’t want Tori to know what she’s going to think about. When Tori ‘s hospital change coincides with his visit, however, his need for privacy can be thwarted.

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Tori makes a discovery linked to

When Justin enters the hospital, Leah attempts to confuse Tori so that she does not immediately cross paths with her brother. Christian conducts some tests on Justin and confirms that his tumour has returned, but more options are available for treatment.
Later, Tori sees Justin and Christian together at the hospital. She immediately thinks that this could be risky, because Justin was not due for an appointment, and this may be an emergency meeting.

Karen is a clash between Dean and Amber

For the first time, Dean needs his mother Karen to see her grandson and Jai ‘s imminent birthday.Amber strongly opposes the suggestion, arguing that Karen can not be trusted to be a good grandmother. Dean ignores Amber ‘s wishes and calls Karen, leaving a voicemail which shows that he has to say something to her.
The next day, Amber expresses just how profoundly she feels about her devotion to keeping Karen out of Jai ‘s life. Realizing that his own access to Jai might be at risk if he disregards this, Dean lies to Karen when she finally calls him back , making it out that he was just drunk and talking nonsense last night.

Mother of Amber fights with Dean

Although one grandmother may be banned from Jai’s birthday celebrations, Francesca, the mother of Amber, is permitted to appear. For Francesca, Dean tries to be nice, but she continues to make nasty remarks about him.
Francesca brings up the past by expressing her belief that Dean was partly responsible for her son’s death. Dean finally loses Francesca’s composure and gives her a stern warning to put him down in front of Jai.
Later, Dean tells Amber that it is only fair for Karen to meet Jai if Francesca is permitted to play a role in his life. Amber shoots this idea straight down, insisting that Dean can’t see Jai either unless he acknowledges her wishes for Karen.

A big decision is taken by Dean

Dean attempts to make Amber see that since they were younger, Karen has improved and can be trusted to spend time with Jai. However, Dean can’t make such assurances as Amber pressures him to affirm that Karen will never mess up or quit taking her medicine.
Dean relents and acknowledges her wishes when Amber remains firm about having to keep Karen far away from Jai, because he doesn’t want to risk any access to Jai himself.

Taylor Slipping up in front of Angelo

Taylor grows ever closer to Colby as they pursue their romance, but she offers reason for thought when Angelo tells her that a corrupt cop murdered his stepfather.
After checking in with Colby and believing in his fresh denials, Taylor takes the risk of defending her secret lover from Angelo. She explores aspects of the case in doing so, which Angelo did not tell her, sparking his suspicions.
She just reads the information in a newspaper, Taylor points out, but Angelo reasonably suspects that her remarks are more than eye-catching.

Colby breaks ties with Taylor

When Taylor calls him, Colby is alarmed and admits that she stumbled in front of Angelo. When Bella steps up her efforts to end Colby and Taylor’s affair, things get even worse.
Bella confronts Taylor at the gym and encourages her to think what, if the affair ever came to light, will happen to Colby. Her meddling irks Taylor and warns Colby that his sister is causing trouble.
Colby makes a heartbreaking decision without finding an easy way out of either mess and tells Taylor that before anyone gets hurt, they have to end their affair.

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