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EXCLUSIVE: Why Ada Nicodemou’s son is certain the Home and Away star will take home the TV WEEK Silver Logie


It wasn’t just the great performers who were overjoyed when it was announced that Home And Away had been nominated for a whopping six TV WEEK Logie Awards.

Summer Bay’s whole cast and crew were energised by the experience. The nominations were exactly what the diligent team needed after a difficult couple of years adjusting to filming under COVID regulations.

Since 1988, we’ve been watching Home And Away on television. They’ve worked diligently since then to create 35 seasons — and counting!

Despite the fact that we’ve grown to love the characters and Summer Bay, Australia hasn’t grown tired of the long-running drama. The proof is in the pudding with a Logie flavour.


Ada Nicodemou, 45, who has played Leah Patterson since 2000, tells TV WEEK, “We’ve had such a big two years.”

“It’s been difficult to maintain filming through COVID, but we’ve done it, and I believe the plots and writing are fantastic.” It’s good to see that all of our efforts have paid off.”

It’s an unexpected honour for Ada to be nominated for a TV WEEK Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress.

“I was taken aback,” she admits. “I know everyone is supposed to say that, but I swear I was!”


While this isn’t the mother-of-first three’s nomination, being recognised for a character she’s played on television for more than 20 years feels more special than ever.

“I’m pretty enthusiastic about it,” she admits, “and I’m not going to lie – I’d love to have a Logie.”

“I adore Leah and enjoy portraying her. I’m a big fan of where she’s gone in the last few years. She’s content, she’s in a wonderful relationship, and there are a lot of lovely, upbeat storylines. It’s incredible that Leah strikes a chord with so many individuals.”

Ada isn’t betting her hard-earned money on a win after looking through the strong nominees in her category.


However, one person is certain that she will win the grand prize: her nine-year-old son Johnas, who is screaming her praises to anybody who will listen.

“He was supposedly telling a friend about the nomination this morning, saying, ‘Well, my mum is going to win because she’s the best actor on TV,'” she laughs. “Obviously, he’s my biggest supporter.”

Ada isn’t the only H&A star up for an award, and she can’t help but brag about her friends who are being honoured for their achievements.

Ray Meagher, the “second dad” of H&A, has been nominated for the TV WEEK Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality On Australian Television.

Matt Evans, a newcomer, has been nominated for Most Popular New Talent, and Sophie Dillman has been nominated for a TV WEEK Silver Logie alongside Ada.

Despite the fact that Ada and Sophie are in the same category, there is no rivalry between them.


She chuckles at TV WEEK’s claim, “There’s no playful rivalry.” “I think it’s beautiful!” It’s fantastic for Soph and a testament to the show that two of us are competing in such a prominent area.”

Since joining the cast in 2017, Sophie has been earning fans as the lively blonde Ziggy Astoni.

She tells TV WEEK about her nomination, which is her second since being cast in the show.

“Our industry has worked so hard for the past couple of years, and it’s been so difficult for everyone, but it’s wonderful to be able to join together and celebrate that hard work, as well as Australian television and all of the wonderful people that work in it.”

The 28-year-old just answers, “She’s just pretty cool!” when asked why Ziggy has struck such a chord with admirers. She has a lot of qualities that I admire and use in my daily life.

“I feel like I play Ziggy more than Sophie, which is enjoyable, but it also means I’m not as cool as she is: she surfs, fixes cars, and eats pizza three times a day.” “We should all strive to be more like her.”

Sophie claims that when strangers approach her on the street, they invariably refer to her as Ziggy, adding to her identity crisis.

“Some actors are outraged by that,” she continues, “but I enjoy it.” “These days, I respond to Ziggy faster than I do Sophie.”

Sophie’s nomination – and H&A’s for Most Popular Drama Program – was made all the more painful by the termination of another legendary drama, Neighbours, with Sophie adding that the Melbourne-based cast and crew are “very devastated.”

She says, “It’s tragic that it has to come to an end.”

“It’s not only an incredible training facility, but it’s also a piece of Australian history.” I hope everyone there is taking in as much as they can while they can, and that they are aware of our affection for them.”

The actress also admits that she has no idea when her stint on Summer Bay would come to an end.

She claims that actors rarely have a say when their character “simply isn’t there anymore,” and that she is savouring every second she spends on stage.

She says, “I’ve been so blessed to be there for so long.” “Everyone is extremely friendly and generous.”

Ray Meagher, she says, was an excellent mentor and “the finest man you will ever meet.”

“I’ll be very lucky if I can stay there – but if that’s not the case, I’d like to keep acting — that’s the hope.”

Sophie is also optimistic about the future of her health, stating that she is “doing OK” after being diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 21.

She admits, “I still have pretty horrible days.” “Unfortunately, chronic sickness is a bit dull — there’s not a lot of willpower involved.”

It sometimes improves, then deteriorates, necessitating more procedures, but I’m currently doing fine, which is fantastic. I’m doing okay — I’m just taking it day by day.”

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