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Sam Frost releases trailer for her new two-part travel series My Road to Adventure after abruptly quitting Home and Away last year


The trailer for Sam Frost’s new two-part travelogue series My Road to Adventure, in which she will co-star with her sister Kris Ross, has been made public.

The sisters’ journey in a campervan along Victoria’s famed Great Ocean Road will be followed in the new show, which makes its television debut on Sunday, July 17, at 11 a.m. on 7two.

‘My sister Kristine and I had the most fantastic time filming this road trip,’ the 33-year-old former Home and Away star captioned the clip she posted on Instagram.

We adore travelling, she continued. It’s extremely beneficial to the soul, especially when done with loved ones.


‘We are very happy to join the My Road to Adventure crew again, and this time we’ll be making the voyage to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria,’ the former Bachelor star told the Herald Sun.

“The Great Ocean Road occupies a special place in my heart and is very meaningful to our family.” I’m eager to go back.

On the previous season of the show, Sam and Kris visited Hervey Bay and Fraser Island in Queensland.

It happens soon after Sam, a former Bachelorette, finished filming her final scenes for Home and Away at Sydney’s Eveleigh Studios in December.


In order to be nearer to her friends and family, the actress later relocated to Melbourne.

Sam had compared the limits placed on those who refuse to receive the Covid vaccine to “segregation” before she left.

She said: “I was really apprehensive about filming a video or even speaking up about this sort of issue, but I feel like the world is now at a stage where there’s a lot of segregation” in an emotional video that was uploaded to Instagram in October.

“There is a lot of harsh judgement and comments being flung around a lot, and it’s definitely having an impact on my mental health. I also know that individuals around me are struggling, especially if they are opposed to vaccination for whatever reason.


There are many other reasons why people choose not to get vaccinated, she added, and they may include their medical history, their worries, their family history, or their religion.

Sam then admitted she hadn’t received a vaccination but that she had discussed her choice with both a psychotherapist and her doctor.

It’s a really difficult moment to be in society right now, and you feel like you are less of a human and that people criticise you, the actress continued with tears in her eyes.

And a part of you wants to go but you’re too afraid to express your thoughts or sentiments “Well, the reason I’m not is none of your damn business! And I don’t want you to criticise me since I have legitimate reasons for not being “‘

She continued by saying that it was critical for those who had not received vaccinations to take care of their mental health, particularly when fully immunised Australians were once again able to enjoy their freedoms.

Sam disabled her Instagram account and blocked all comments on the account for her mental health charity after receiving criticism for her video.


Since then, she has had the Covid shot.

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