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Home and Away’s Dean goes to extreme lengths to clear his name after being framed for PK’s death


Dean takes matters into his own hands this week, despite the evidence being stacked against him. But, in order to prove his innocence, how far will he go?

Police are forcing Dean (Patrick O’Connor) to confess after the bloodied wrench used to assassinate bad businessman PK (Ryan Johnson) was discovered in Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) car in tense episodes of Home And Away.

Although he denies knowing how it got there, Dean’s objectives and ties to the River Boys make him the most likely suspect.

He does, however, know and can establish who perpetrated the terrible act.


Patrick, 29, tells TV WEEK, “Dean is seething because he’s been framed.”

“He’s hoping for a simple confession from Nathan, but if that’s not the case, he’s willing to go to any length to acquire it.”

When Ziggy wakes up the next morning, he discovers a note from him: “I’m in love with you. Please don’t be concerned.”

Meanwhile, Dean arrives at a dilapidated home. The River Boys are on the inside, standing over Nathan (Ryan Panizzi), who is strapped to a chair and appears to have been battered.


Dean commands Nathan to speak, but he refuses. Dean attempts a gentler approach and unties him after getting nowhere fast.

Nathan makes a break for it as Ziggy’s relentless calls interrupt his interrogation.

Dean and the River Boys look for the fugitive in the junkyard. Nathan tries to hide under a rusted tractor, but is knocked down by Dean, who tries to gain the upper hand but has trouble pinning him down.

Nathan retaliates by grasping for a piece of scrap metal… Dean, be on the lookout!


“Filming Dean in his bad-boy mode is always a blast,” Patrick explains. “There’s nothing like bringing back the River Boys for a game.”

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