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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy’s new promotion leads to shock collapse


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree and Remi breach boundaries as Ziggy collapses at the garage in a new pregnancy drama.

After Justin (James Stewart) had a poor start as Lyrik’s band manager, which resulted in the group losing their regular engagement at Salt, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) steps up in subsequent scenes when Justin is forced into damage control.

Justin made an effort to impose an ultimatum on the venue’s co-owner Mackenzie (Emily Weir), prodded by Leah (Ada Nicodemou): either she raises their charge by 20%, or the band leaves.

He didn’t anticipate Mac to call his bluff and say the gigs were off, though. When the band realises the amount of turmoil Justin has created in such a short period of time, they are understandably incensed, and he immediately sets to work attempting to find another location to have a regular gig.


Unaware that Leah is preparing to break some news of her own, Justin devises a strategy to promote Ziggy after she calls his attention to his negligence of his responsibilities at Summer Bay Auto.

Ziggy initially wanted to wait until the second trimester, but Dean (Patrick O’Connor) thinks it’s time for her to tell Justin about her pregnancy as she continues to battle her constant morning sickness. Ziggy is in agreement; she just wants to wait till the proper time.

Ziggy and Dean walk to the beach for a surf, vowing that the pregnancy won’t stop Ziggy from doing what she loves.

They run across Bree, who asks Ziggy how she’s doing as they wait on the sand for her most recent attack of nausea to pass.


Quickly putting on a brave face, Ziggy assures her that everything is alright.

Dean sets a deadline for Ziggy to inform Justin the following day after they have another intimate moment over the bathroom sink at work.

As fate would have it, Justin shows up right on cue, so Dean decides to let them continue.

Prior to Ziggy’s announcement, Justin says he would like to give her a promotion at the garage and a pay raise to go along with it.


Later, when Dean discovers the two having a good time in the diner, he naturally suspects that Justin has been informed about the baby by Ziggy. Before he can add anything else, Ziggy butts in and points out that they are celebrating her promotion while he is admiring the new Director of Operations (also known as manager).

Although Dean cautions Ziggy not to put it off any longer, for the time being Ziggy is content to just enjoy her moment.

But not long after, Ziggy is alone herself in the garage and she cracks open a tub of cleaner. She experiences yet another dizzy spell as a result of the toxins.

She tumbles to the ground with the tool cart in tow as Ziggy collapses.


How will Ziggy and the infant fare?

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