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Dangerous omen, new romance and surfing dreams: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) are thrilled to be having a hidden relationship this week on Home and Away, but challenges keep appearing. They are caught together at the house first, and Justin (James Stewart) is sworn to secrecy.

Then, while performing with Salt, Justin reprimands them for being far too blatant on stage. As if that weren’t enough, Kirby challenges Theo to kiss his admirer as Remi (Adam Rowland) urges Theo to flirt with another woman.

After their road trip, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) arrive back in the Bay, but Ziggy finds it difficult to adjust because she is constantly daydreaming about competing in surfing competitions. She starts to become resentful of the duties she has at the Bay and realises that she would be happier if she were pursuing her ambition to become a professional surfer. Dean realises that he might have to give her the push she needs and let her go after observing her struggles.

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, October 3.


Theo and Kirby are observed by Justin together.

Theo invites his hidden lover Kirby over as soon as he realises he has the place to himself. She quickly leaves the house after receiving his SMS, giving Remi and Eden confused justifications. Theo is eager to get started when Kirby shows there, but she wants to set some ground rules first, including the prohibition against public displays of affection, especially when they are performing together. Theo concurs, and the two enter the bedroom. Later, when they are relaxing in the kitchen, Justin unexpectedly comes home early and surprises Theo by bursting in while he is still wearing his boxers! The new pair is horrified and begs Justin to keep their illicit relationship a secret, but how long can they manage to do so?

Nikau attracts Heather for some carefree fun
Nikau is attempting to get over his breakup with Bella, but the court case involving the bikie group is still weighing on his mind. He is overheard on the beach grumbling about not having a court date by newcomer Heather, who strolls up in her bikini. She quickly invites Nikau to the Lyrik concert at Salt that evening, and he finds himself agreeing without giving it much consideration. Nikau is surprised by her straight approach. The two got along that night, and as Nikau gains confidence, he invites Heather to stay at his apartment again.

After leaving the hospital, Cash moves in with Felicity and Tane?
Following his shooting, Cash has been confined to the hospital, and he is determined to leave. Bree is not yet persuaded that he is prepared, though. Because Cash won’t give up, Felicity resolves to spend the night with him in order to maintain harmony. When Felicity discovers Cash isn’t sleeping at the hospital in the morning, she advises to Bree that her brother implement a care plan at home. Bree concurs, but Felicity realises that now that Jasmine has left, it would not be a good idea to have him return to Irene’s house. Will her boyfriend approve of her asking Tane whether her brother can temporarily move in?


As Marilyn discovers an omen, is Heather dangerous?
With regular tutoring sessions with Roo and a casual romance with Nikau, Heather is establishing herself as more of a permanent fixture in the Bay. Marilyn, though, tells Irene she has a horrible gut feeling about the newcomer and that she is still leery of her. When Irene discovers that Heather has nowhere to stay till the next day, she dismisses Marilyn’s worries and offers her a bed for the night. Roo then hands Heather the key to a caravan, much to Marilyn’s distress. When Marilyn consults her tarot cards, she is startled to see an omen. She shares her research with Roo, but her best buddy starts to grow impatient.

Bree is accused of medical malpractice by Rose.
Rose is incensed and thinks Bree committed medical malpractice when she learns that Cash has been released from the hospital. She confronts Bree about her choice and doesn’t hold back, speaking her mind, out of worry for the man she is secretly in love with. Bree, however, is confident in her professional medical judgement and tells Rose that she won’t accept instructions on how to carry out her duties. Rose feels abruptly cut off when she says that Cash can finish his rehabilitation at home with his sister. Doesn’t she realise that she and Xander are now a part of Cash’s family?

Cash makes the decision to cut Xander and Rose out of his life.

When Cash is formally let go from the hospital, Felicity worries. He avoids social interaction and goes right to his room. She realises the extent of his troubles when she later finds him holding the engagement diamond he was planning to give Jasmine. Cash decides to tell Rose and Xander that he has chosen to remove them out of his life in order to move on from Jasmine as he considers how his life will look going forward. Rose is devastated and questions if she should even stay in Summer Bay.


Dean understands that Ziggy must pursue her surfing goals.

When Amber informs Dean that Jai will take part in a footy gala, Dean and Ziggy are compelled to end their enjoyable road trip to go surfing. Although Ziggy is happy they had a break, he finds it difficult to adjust to the reality of spending another day in the garage, especially as Justin and Dean are swooning over Lyrik and Jai, respectively. She starts to doubt whether this is the kind of life she wants when she could just as easily be on the shore pursuing her pro surfer ambitions. Dean becomes aware that he may need to persuade his girlfriend to leave the Bay and go for the kind of life that will make her content as he watches her struggle.

Kirby witnesses Theo kissing another lady.
While hanging out in Salt, Remi, Kirby, and Theo are asked how long the band has been together by Mackenzie when Remi goes to the bar. Mack isn’t persuaded despite Remi’s claims to the contrary. Remi tries the waters by urging Theo to go and flirt with an adoring woman at the bar as they decide to place a wager on whether the couple is dating.

Kirby challenges him because he knows it might provide them cover. Although that makes Theo uneasy, he continues. He receives a text from Kirby asking him to kiss the woman as he is speaking to her. Will Theo kiss another person in order to conceal his relationship with Kirby?

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