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Home and Away confirms new death storyline as a body is found


Recent Australian episodes of Home and Away contain spoilers, which some UK viewers may choose to avoid.

A fresh death narrative will broadcast on Australian screens next week, according to Home and Away.


A body is discovered in the Summer Bay community in upcoming episodes on Channel 7 in Australia.

Meanwhile, the death appears to be no accident, as the trailer suggests: “Who is it? Who was the perpetrator?”


“There’s a murderer out there,” says Felicity Newman in a voiceover.

The body’s discovery comes as Mackenzie Booth’s recent illicit poker nights at Salt are still having major ramifications.


Tane Parata was stabbed at Salt in this week’s Australian episodes after sleazy poker player PK dispatched goons to terrorise Mac and destroy her business. Tane escaped the attack, but only just.

The soap’s new trailer depicts a crime scene and body bag on the beach, with detectives hunting for evidence.



Summer Bay regulars Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson can be seen staring on, evidently disturbed by the latest incident in the region.

In the aftermath, Mac’s brother Dean Thompson jumped in to defend her, attempting to scare PK away.


Dangerous PK responded by threatening Dean’s little son, Jai Simmons, with death.


Fearing for Jai’s safety, Dean increased the stakes by enlisting the services of the River Boys to deal with PK once and for all.



Dean returned home to his partner Ziggy Astoni after working with the River Boys to bring down PK and refused to tell her what had transpired.


Could the death discovered in the Bay be linked to the mounting tensions around Mac’s unlawful activities?


These scenes will air on Channel 5 in late June for Home and Away fans in the UK.

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