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Cruel text, violent thief and shock kiss: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is having trouble adjusting after learning that the bikies have issued a hit against him.

When he finds out that Rose (Kirsty Marillier) is receiving an award for the incident that ultimately resulted in his getting shot, his predicament gets worse. He starts drinking, and soon his reckless behaviour puts him into problems.

In another scene, Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) have a significant internet impression with a performance video, but Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) are nowhere to be found when a reputable music journalist wants to interview them. The couple is compelled to conduct the interview alone, but what will the band’s other members think of the tale when it is published?

The following is the Home and Away schedule for the week starting on Monday, October 17.


Heather enters Marilyn’s house undetected with unsettling intentions.

With Marilyn’s support, Heather carries out the next step of her plan, which she has been gradually implementing within the community. She enters Marilyn’s house covertly in the middle of the night and places a bottle of wine in front of her as well as a baby picture in her hand.

Roo provides Marilyn pills when she sees her in the morning with an almost empty wine bottle next to her. Heather afterwards inquires about Marilyn’s sleep quality in the diner. How is Heather faring?

After hearing Rose’s news, Cash turns to booze.


Cash is invited to join him and Rose for lunch at Salt, where Xander lets Cash know that Rose has been nominated for an award. Cash implores her to accept it, arguing that she deserves to be recognised for her success during the police sting. But as soon as Cash arrives home, he withdraws into his room. Is he actually handling Rose’s impending prize for the incident that resulted in his being shot?

Marilyn reveals to Leah a startling fact regarding Heather.
As Roo and Heather leave a tutoring session, they start talking about adoption in the diner. Heather contends that it is eternal, but Marilyn couldn’t help but admit that it can be complex. Heather’s face tenses when Roo says that Marilyn has an adoptive son. As she watches, Marilyn puts the last piece of the puzzle together, and later, when speaking to Leah, she admits that she thinks Heather is her daughter.

startling scenes: Drunk Cash kisses Rose
Rose is enjoying a nice evening at home when Cash, an unexpected visitor, interrupts her.

In addition, he enters the apartment stumbling and obviously intoxicated. Although he has a bottle of champagne to toast Rose’s achievement, it is obvious that he is struggling. As Rose consoles him during his babbling, they sit and converse, and he moves in to kiss her. Where does their relationship stand after Rose pushes him away and orders him to leave?


There is pressure on Ziggy to decide what to do with her pregnancy.

The pair chooses to withhold the news for the time being after Ziggy recently informed Dean that she is expecting and is unsure of what to do. Mackenzie, on the other hand, notices something is up right away and offers Ziggy a drink so she can vent. Mackenzie immediately assumes Ziggy is pregnant when she declines.

She cannot contain her enthusiasm and advises Dean to tell his fiancée the truth about his desires. But Ziggy starts to feel more and more under pressure to decide.

Has Marilyn texted Jett a demeaning text that is cruel?
Since newbie Heather handled her improperly and convinced her that she was terrible trouble, Marilyn has been asked by her friends about her mental health. When John unexpectedly approaches her in the diner and asks how she could have been so cruel to Jett, the situation worsens.

Marilyn is perplexed. Her own text message to Jett, which John shows her, complains that adopted sons are always a letdown. Marilyn, did you really do it?

Theo & Kirby are featured in a significant music interview.


Theo and Kirby revive Theo’s previous video channel and upload a performance to it because they have been given the duty of generating some PR for Lyrik.

After watching the video, a well-known industry journalist gets in touch with them and offers an interview. Remi and Eden are nowhere to be located, despite the couple’s best efforts to get them home in time. They conduct the interview by themselves, and when it is published, the bandmates are indignant because it discusses the ‘couple’ who purportedly make up Lyrik.

Remi is knocked unconscious and his busking earnings are stolen by a criminal.
Following Theo and Kirby’s PR stunt, Remi considers quitting the band and decides to busk in front of the Surf Club to let off some steam. John, however, stops him and tells him that he doesn’t have a permit.

A robber steals Remi’s guitar case full of loose change as the two are arguing and flees. Remi tries to catch up with the thief, but the criminal hits him with the case and knocks him out.

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