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Home and Away Spoilers – Bree’s trapped as Jacob decides to stay


Bree’s chance to leave her violent marriage is destroyed this week on Home and Away in Australia when Jacob says he’s staying in Summer Bay.

When Cash was shot by gang leader Marty, Dr. Bree Cameron (played by Juliet Godwin) treated him (Ben Wood).

She recently moved to the area and was hired shortly after Logan’s (Harley Bonner) departure from the bay. Remi and she quickly became friends (Adam Rowland). She kept shoving Remi away since she was just looking for company in a new town, whereas Remi wanted more than just friendship.

Bree acknowledged that she was married when Remi questioned her about why she wouldn’t even give her a chance given how well they got along.


She stated that the reason her husband, Jacob, hadn’t been around was because he was a fly-in, fly-out mechanic on the mines. They were high school sweethearts who cherished their relationship and managed to make it work despite sometimes spending months apart.

Bree’s rivalry for Remi’s attention with nurse Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri) eventually became apparent, indicating that she might have loved Remi’s attention just a little bit.

Bree was taken aback when Jacob (Alex Williams) showed up in Summer Bay unexpectedly a few days later, while she and Remi were having another casual brunch on Salt’s balcony. It soon became apparent that there was a lot going on with their connection.

When Jacob saw Bree having lunch with another man, he was immediately envious, and Remi received a chilly greeting from him to let him know it.


Jacob accused Bree of flirting with Remi when they were alone; she denied it, but Jacob didn’t want to hear it.

Sadly, things quickly got out of hand.

Jacob’s fury increased when he learned that Remi had texted Bree to see how she was doing. Later, Bree contacted Remi and asked him not to approach her; however, this backfired when Jacob learned of the covert call and beat Bree.

The following morning, Bree attempted to hide her bruises with lipstick when she went to work, but Remi saw her and noticed her busted-up lip right away.


Remi tried to persuade Bree to talk, but she refused, saying that nothing was happening and telling him to stay away.

Remi confided in Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) about what Jacob was doing since he needed someone to talk to.

Sadly, it didn’t take long before the two ran into Jacob outside the surf club, where he started patronising Remi for his terrible performance busking earlier that day.

Eden responded, unable to maintain her composure, warning him to be careful with her companion. Remi yelled, “Why, what are you going to do, hit me,” when Jacob suggested that she could wish to control Eden.

As we observed Bree the following day placing her hand on her abdomen at the beach, indicating that she may have had another beating from her husband, it was Bree who took the brunt of Eden’s remarks.

Jacob pushes Bree too far this week. While he promises to change, she knows it won’t happen as she snaps at him to halt his violent behaviour.


When Jacob learns he might need to return to his job in Western Australia sooner than intended, she believes she is about to get a break.

She tells Remi, with a gleam in her eye, while they talk at Salt, “Jacob’s returning sooner than I imagined, so things will get back to normal.”

Nevertheless, the joy is fleeting. Bree’s frightened response tells Jacob that he was interrupting something when Jacob enters the restaurant while the two are having a conversation.

Bree tries to calm her husband down by leading him to the balcony so they can sit outside, but he changes his mind and suggests they go back to the motel and get supper.

In that place, he makes a shocking revelation.

He informs her, “I’m not going back to WA.” “I’m going to quit my work and be right here with you,” she said.

Bree’s body becomes slack as she realises she’s lost her one chance to flee as he squeezes her tightly.

Bree approaches to Remi when she realises she needs assistance, and she is persuaded to report Jacob by Remi. Will he offer her the support she needs to leave her violent partner?

Eden starts to worry that Remi is becoming too close to her while Remi just worries about getting Bree away from Jacob.

Eden tells her best buddy, “You need to take a step back,” since she doesn’t want him to suffer any harm, either psychologically or physically.

Stephanie Panozzo reveals to Yahoo Lifestyle: “She cares greatly for Remi since he’s like her brother and she doesn’t want him to get hurt. However, [Eden] is extremely worried about Bree’s current circumstances.

Remi can’t give up on Bree now, though, because she has finally acknowledged that she needs assistance to get rid of Jacob.

Will he secure for her the aid she requires to flee Jacob’s abuse?

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