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Covid sparks sea change as Black Sails star joins Home and Away

Sailed into Summer Bay, Long John Silver.

Actor Luke Arnold, who played the legendary pirate in Netflix’s Black Sails for four seasons, has joined the cast of Home and Away as Nurse Lewis Hayes, a mourning widower who has a past with Jasmine Delaney of the Bay (Sam Frost), who has also recently lost her husband.

The 36-year-old actor says it is due to the Covid-19 pandemic that he is now performing what many Australian actors at the beginning of their careers deem a rite of passage.

“I’ve skipped through it. I went to drama school and then I did bits and pieces in Australia, but when some American filmmakers put me in Broken Hill, things took off for me,’ he says, of the lead film role, which gave him an opportunity in Hollywood.

Home and Away’s Luke Arnold with Jasmine Delaney’s on film love interest (Sam Frost).

In the 2014 television mini series INXS: Never Break Us Apart, Arnold returned Down Under to appear as rocker Michael Hutchence, but since then, he has spent much of his time filming Black Sails in South Africa.

When you tell me I’m an Australian actor and that I live overseas, people would like to ask me, “Have you been home and far?” and “And always I was saddened by saying, ‘No.’

Although not everyone is smooth sailing. Although Arnold acknowledges that he has played several iconic roles in many major films, Home and Away is just as difficult, if not more difficult.

I think it is much better than what I had to do at home and abroad, which was just very raw with no wild face hair or legs behind to cover.

It’s becoming even more like me. I think if you’re frightened of a job, it’s a smart thing to take it, and lately I’ve been doing a little more of that. When something comes to me and I don’t know how to do it, or I don’t know how I should do it, it’s more fun for me than that.

The most recent projects by Arnold include co-starring in The End with Frances O’Connor (The Missing), a forthcoming Australian euthanasia drama, and exploring a burgeoning career in literature.

He has written two fantasy books, Last Smile In Sunder City and Dead Man In A Ditch, starring Detective Fetch Phillips, and plans to write more.

I guess acting came to me and then, at a certain point, acting took over because I was making ideas up and acting them out.

Love at home and abroad is in the breeze.

Arnold himself documented the audio versions of his novels and also claims that they could easily be made into a TV series.

I suppose the fact that I work in film and TV has affected the way I write, so I can certainly see that happening. At the same moment, because I enjoy becoming an author, I don’t feel overly rushed. I would like to be a part of it in some way if it was put on the television, but a part of me feels it would not be a bad thing to bash out a couple more books before we decide to take it to a different medium.

He’s more than content wasting time in Summer Harbor, meanwhile.

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