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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman Surfing in the Palm Beach in Bikini


She is one of Home and Away’s most popular actresses.

And as she went surfing on a popular soap set in Sydney’s Palm Beach last week, Sophie Dillman combined work and fun.

While filming an ocean scene, the 27-year-old star, who plays Ziggy ‘Zag’ Astoni, caught a few waves.

At the workplace another day! Last week, Home and Away actress Sophie Dillman combined work and fun as she went surfing in Sydney’s Palm Beach on the set of the famous soap.


Sophie revealed her figure in a turquoise bikini which featured a pink floral pattern. She plunged into the ocean while carrying a surfboard, before rising from the waves with water glistening on her skin. The blonde, who appeared to be wearing little makeup, slipped her soaked hair away from her face as she headed back to the water.

Wet and ferocious! The 27-year-old, who plays Ziggy ‘Zag’ Astoni, got a few waves while filming an ocean scene.

Beach babe: While wearing a surfboard, she dove into the ocean before rising from the sea with water glistening on her face

Then she stepped across the sand and stylishly put on a pair of sunglasses. Sophie previously told New Concept that she keeps in condition with daily exercises. She looks for five exercise sessions a week and enjoys a mix of weights, boxing and cardio.


Stunner: In a turquoise bikini with a pink flower pattern, Sophie displayed her figure.

Natural beauty: As she headed back up the beach, the blonde, who seemed to wear minimal makeup, slipped her wet hair away from her face

Shady lady: Then she stepped through the sand and put on a trendy pair of sunglasses.

Sophie was later seen shooting scenes with her co-star Ethan Browne, who plays Tane Parata. The actor, 28, looks tone-toned in a red T-shirt and black exercise shorts. Their scenes appeared to involve a fitness lesson on the beach, as Ethan was seen setting up cones on the sand.


Co-stars: Sophie later shot scenes with Ethan Browne, her co-star who plays Tane Parata.

Hunk: The 28-year-old star looked toned in a red T-shirt and black gym shorts.

Chin wag: As they talked to each other between takes, the pair appeared to be floating

The two appeared to get on swimmingly as they chatted with each other between takes. Later on, Sophie filmed a few distinct scenes where she was fully dressed in denim shorts and a striped shirt. In June 2017, as Ziggy Astoni, Sophie joined the cast of Home and Away. Her character, as well as Coco’s older sister, is the daughter of Ben and Maggie.

Dressed to impress: Sophie shot a few scenes in denim shorts and a striped tee later on.

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