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Corrie star accidentally reveals new Rovers Return landlord — and fans will be buzzing


Coronation Street’s iconic Rovers Return has been forced to shut up shop – but now, the identity of its brand new owner has been leaked by a star on the long-running ITV soap

Star Claire Sweeney unintentionally disclosed the new owner of the recognizable Rovers Return from Coronation Street.

The famous bar had to close last month due to financial difficulties faced by landlord Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews). She ultimately signed the pub over to Newton & Ridley after struggling to maintain the business solvent.

However, that business suffered a terrible hit when it was later acquired by Waterford Incorporated. And Jenny and her employees were promptly fired by the bosses there.


Jenny’s situation was further exacerbated when a Waterfords executive informed her in a meeting that she would “never be employed” by the company once more. “Last night, there wasn’t much control over the stock,” raged the CEO. You guys have pretty much drained the place of all life. Fortunately, we do not charge you for the services.

He went on: “Neither you nor any members of your staff will ever be employed by Waterfords ever again. And if I see you on the premises, I will call the police.” Since then the pub has remained closed, with the windows bordered up. But this month, Corrie producer Iain MacLeod revealed when it’ll be back up and running.

The boss said the business will be open in a matter of months. “It’s not going to stay closed for that long, in fact, it reopens on New Year’s Eve I think,” he said.

But it seems that a social media error has now exposed the identity of the new owner. This week, Cassie Plummer, played by Corrie star Claire Sweeney, made the mistake. Claire is preparing for her season finale appearance on Dancing on Ice later this year. The actress posted a picture of herself and her dance partner Colin Grafton in front of the well-known bar on Instagram.


But behind Claire and Colin, Jenny Connor’s name can be seen above the door. The blunder has seemed to confirm Jenny will be back working at the pub. Meanwhile Claire is getting ready for her appearance on this year’s Dancing On Ice. Speaking to The Sun, she said: “I’m really looking forward to going to an ice rink with my son and actually being able to skate and not have to use the penguins they give you to help you stay upright!”

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