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Coronation Street’s Sam Aston announces wife is pregnant after tragically losing twin


Coronation Street’s Sam Aston and his wife Briony have revealed they’re expecting their third child after previously experiencing two devastating miscarriages.

The third child that Coronation Street actor Sam Aston and his wife Briony are expecting together has been made public.

The couple informed OK! of their good news. but acknowledged that losing a twin makes it a “bittersweet” event.

The couple disclosed that they had been expecting twins, but that “Vanishing Twin Syndrome” had claimed one of the newborns.


According to Briony, “We were happy and grateful because we had always desired a healthy child.”

After that, we began to consider the possibility of having two. Will the surviving twin experience loneliness and perpetual “What if?” thoughts?

We found ourselves questioning what could have been, while feeling grateful for what we’ve got.”

Sam, 30, echoed his wife’s sentiments but expressed his gratitude for being able to have one healthy baby.


The actor expressed: “At first, you’re thinking, ‘What would it have been like to have twins? Would we have had one of each, a boy and a girl?’

“Like Briony says, it’s definitely bittersweet, but we just feel very grateful that the other baby is absolutely fine.”

One of the babies in disappearing twin syndrome stops growing, and the mother’s body consumes the embryo and tissue.

The two already have a three-year-old boy named Sonny and an 18-month-old daughter named Daisy.


Additionally, Briony experienced two devastating miscarriages in a span of just four months.

In an effort to support other women going through similar pain, Briony took to Instagram to share her experience following the announcement of her and Sam’s second loss in July.

The mum-of-two shocked her followers when she posted a photo of a positive pregnancy test with some writing across the image reading: “Not pregnant anymore.”

Fans had no idea the duo were expecting, but Briony revealed they had told their close friends and family about both pregnancies.

She said at the time that she revealed the news because she wanted to have support from her loved ones if the pregnancies didn’t get to full-term.

The couple got engaged in


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