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Bonnie Anderson says she’s been having ‘all sorts of weird feelings’ since becoming pregnant – as she vows to reveal her child’s gender ‘soon’


This month, Bonnie Anderson made her first pregnancy announcement.

The 27-year-old Neighbours actress also discussed her pregnancy while appearing on The Morning Show on Wednesday.

The singer and actress admitted that at first, bearing a child seemed “strange,” but she is looking forward to what lies ahead.

The beginning brought about a variety of strange emotions. Everything is changing, just your body. The past week has been exceptionally pleasant. She proclaimed to hosts Matt Doran and Kylie Gillies, “I’ve got my mojo back.”


Initially, Bonnie and Sam Morrison were opposed to learning the gender of their unborn child, but Bonnie later had second thoughts.

She stated that for the time being, she and Sam should keep it a secret, but she made a suggestion that she might soon tell Sam.

We’ll keep the gender a secret for a little while, but we are aware of it. Who knows, I may shortly break the news,’ she added.

The first-ever Australia’s Got Talent champion also discussed her engagement to Sam, which she had previously announced in April.


They will have to wait to get married because of everything going on in their lives, she added.

There are many things happening. We have a lot going on right now—we’re engaged, pregnant, and remodelling [our home]. As a result, Bonnie decided that the wedding would have to wait until later in the next year.

When Bonnie revealed her engagement two months ago, her former Neighbours co-stars showered her with congratulations.

From 2018 through 2021, she portrayed Bea Nilsson on the storied soap opera.


The final episode of Neighbours will run in August, and Bonnie came back to shoot a special cameo for the finale.

She emphasised how “wonderful” it was to have been an integral member of the programme for three years.

“The end of Neighbours has been such a strange, bizarre period.” I was able to return for the finale, which was extremely special,” she remarked.

The expectant mother will make an appearance on stage with George Lazenby in September at the Darling Harbour Theatre for The Music of James Bond.

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