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Neighbours Spoilers – Glen and Nicolette battle over Kiri


Glen is anxious to keep the truth from Kiri, and will go to any length to prevent her from settling in Erinsborough next week on Neighbours in the UK.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, March 21st, and in Australia on Thursday, April 7th.

Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson), who was introduced as the head of the River Bend retreat, was recently discovered to be Glen’s (Richard Huggett) daughter, but no one on Ramsay Street knows.

In this week’s episode, Glen can no longer keep the truth to himself and tells Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) his enormous secret (UK: Friday 18th March, Aus: Wednesday 6th April).


He’s curious as to why Kiri has gone to Erinsborough, and he’s worried that she’s found the truth and is looking for him in the area.

Thankfully, he discovers that she’s in town to meet up with her new love interest, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), whom she met at River Bend, and the relief is evident.

He can’t, however, unwind for long. Kiri seems to have made an effect on Nicolette, and she’s already considering moving to Erinsborough to be closer to her!

Glen understands that the longer Kiri stays, the more likely he is to make a mistake and betray the truth.


Glen hasn’t seen Paul (Stefan Dennis) in about 30 years, yet he still seems to be a Robinson at heart. Glen starts meddling in Kiri and Nicolette’s new relationship, doing his best version of his conniving half-brother, and his scheme succeeds wonderfully.

He approaches Kiri and tells her everything he knows about Nicolette’s prior offences, which are numerous.

Kiri confronts Nicolette about her tumultuous history, which makes Nic enraged, which isn’t a good look for her as she tries to impress her new love interest.

Nic’s discovery that Glen was the one who told Kiri about her history leads to a heated exchange, and Nicolette doesn’t hold back!


As the situation becomes more heated, Nicolette pushes Glen, who ends up in the Lassiters’ pond!

Unfortunately for Nicolette, her attempts to protect her reputation only serve to irritate Kiri further, and she is quickly losing interest.

Glen’s strategy worked, as he was able to drive Kiri away. For the time being, it appears that his secret is safe!

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