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5 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes


Spoilers from Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away follow, which some UK viewers may choose to avoid.

Christian’s hunt for a high-stakes thrill on Australia’s Home and Away threatened to derail his wedding to Tori this week.

In other news, Nikau had to choose between his principles and his bank account, while Mac was up against some stiff competition.

Following the recent Australian occurrences, we’ve been left with five major questions.


1. Will Christian cancel his wedding?

Christian and Tori had been planning a fantasy wedding ceremony for weeks, but it looks that everything has changed for the couple. After nearly getting killed by Lewis, Christian has a new viewpoint on life and continues to seek adrenaline thrills everywhere he can.

Christian was meant to be picking up his suit ahead of the wedding but he got sidetracked by a road sign advertising skydives on Thursday’s triple bill of episodes (May 20). With little concern for anything else, he was walking right onto the airfield to enjoy another high-stakes thrill.

The current trailer for Home and Away, which you can see at the top of the page, has already given us a glimpse of where this tale is going – and it doesn’t seem good for Tori. When new character Rachel has a bad skydiving mishap next week at the airfield, Christian rushes in to aid her.


Christian continues to track Rachel’s progress at the hospital, and later breaks Tori’s heart by informing that, due to this case, he will be unable to attend their wedding in Melbourne. Is Christian willing to put a complete stranger ahead of his wedding plans?

2. Is Nikau in danger of losing Bella?

Nikau and Bella had had a difficult week as well. As they struggled to find any alone time together, Nikau’s modelling job continued to have an impact on their relationship. Things became even worse when Nikau’s scheming agent Sienna urged fellow model Allegra to kiss him in front of Bella during a photoshoot.

Nikau considered quitting his new job several times as he became tired of his new superiors’ frequent demands and the blatant manipulation tactics they used to influence him and Bella.


Nikau received his first paycheck just as he and Bella were about to cut connections with the modelling agency, and he was astounded to learn that he was making a lot. He quickly changed his mind, realising that this was too good an opportunity to pass up, especially because he could now support his family.

Bella was still uneasy about Nikau’s decision, even though she understood why he made it. Is there a chance they’ll drift apart if Sienna keeps playing games?

3. Who’ll win the battle of the businesses?

Ryder and Chloe started selling Mexican food outside Salt this week after launching their new food truck. Their choice of site was clearly intended to irritate their previous boss Mac, who had promised to cause them problem if they didn’t relocate the truck.

Ryder and Chloe had no choice but to listen to Mac because they didn’t have all of the necessary permits and their recklessness may have jeopardised Alf’s status at the surf club. They relocated their mobile business to the RV park as a temporary solution.

The tranquil solution, however, would not last long, as Ryder made it obvious to Chloe that he would not give up the fight with Mac so simply.


Next week, tensions will rise as Ryder and Chloe return to Salt with their truck and restart the furious battle, but who will be able to draw the most customers as the battle becomes more ruthless?

4. Will Justin get the help he needs?

Throughout the week, ustin’s family and friends became increasingly concerned for him, as he continued to display uncharacteristic rage and impatience while going about his daily routine.

Justin’s problems stemmed from his growing painkiller addiction, which left him frustrated and terrified as he ran out of choices for obtaining his next dose.

Christian became Justin’s go-to confidante, despite the fact that Justin only told him part of the storey. The surgeon was alarmed to learn how much his future brother-in-back law’s discomfort had worsened.

Dr. Green encouraged caution and insisted on various remedies to the problem, including further scans down at the hospital, despite Justin’s desire for Christian to straighten him out with another prescription as a quick fix. Will Justin, on the other hand, embrace this strategy?

5. Is Alf pushing himself too hard?

Alf is known around Summer Bay for juggling multiple jobs, but the final straw came when Nikau chose to leave his job at the bait shop to focus solely on his modelling.

While Alf appreciated Nikau’s advancement in the world, he admitted that having more labour to do around the Bay couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Roo was ready to step in and assist where she could, but she was always concerned that Alf was pushing himself too hard if he didn’t get some support. Alf scolded her of being fussy, but may he be in trouble if he doesn’t listen to her advice?


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